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    PR Newswire reports that dating app Skout is celebrating National Potato Chip day in a way that will help out the San Francisco community. The global app is reaching out to make sure that no one will go hungry on National Chip day via a partnership with SF-Marin Food Bank and will help feed 20,000 people in Marin and San Francisco who are considered to be at risk for hunger.

    Skout is a San Francisco based app that makes it easy to expand your group of friends and dating options by helping you find new people in your community. It is currently the largest platform for meeting people on the globe and is active in 180 different countries.

    It is asking its users to join in helping out their communities on National Potato Chip day with a one day virtual gift campaign. Users can buy a virtual bag of chips and send it to their friends via the app. SKOUT will donate cash to the food bank for every virtual bag of chips that is sent during the day up until 20,000 people can be fed in the Marin and San Francisco area.

    Given the fact that Skout is now in 16 languages and is one of the most popular apps it should not be too hard for the app to reach its goal. It’s commonly used for social networking and dating and utilizes the GPS system on mobile phones to help people meet those who are close to them. Browsers can see the profiles and activities of others on Skout that they are interested in. Within the app users can message each other, or send gifts such as the chips to each other.

    CEO and co-founder of Skout, Christian Wiklund, stated that their virtual gifting function is very popular and they enjoy helping out in the community so it is only natural to have combined the two.

    SF-Marin Food Bank Executive Director Paul Ash stated that people in the area are having a hard time balancing their expenses and income and they are happy to be working with Skout to make sure everyone gets enough to eat. To find out more about the partnership read the original article here.

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