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    Easy Ways To Make Friends Online

    Have you been searching for friends online? I would like to say that making friends is easy, but without the online networking opportunity provided by Skout’s platform I don’t know if I would have any friends at all in my city. I’m so terrible at meeting people for the first time. I leave a good first impression on people, and I can come up with interesting things to talk about, but I have trouble approaching new people. Skout gives me the confidence that I need to make friends in my city.

    I have met a whole bunch of people from Skout. Some of the people that I have met on Skout are friends that I see quite often. We have similar interests, and we get along well. There’s always a chance that it’s not going to work out, so it’s usually best to meet in a safe, public place when you are getting to know someone new. I like meeting people from Skout at a museum or a restaurant because those are quite places that we can have a good conversation when meeting for the first time. Have you tried Skout yet? Your new best friends are only a few clicks away from you.

    When You Act Kind To Strangers, You Make The World A Kinder Place To Live

    International Random Acts Of Kindness Week was just celebrated in the middle of February, so Skout decided to launch a research project to find out just what their users felt about the idea of being kind to strangers. There is a great article from Uloop that sums up what the results of this survey indicate. The biggest and most interesting statistic from this survey, to me, was the fact that 93 percent of the users on Skout who were surveyed said that they have done something kind for a stranger before in their life.

    The survey and article also contain this really compelling list of activities to show your kindness to others. I have felt so inspired that I have already done a few of these activities when the moment strikes me. I want to spread the word in order to let other people know how great it feels to show your kindness and appreciation to other people. To read that article that I referenced from Uloop, go to this link.

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