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    PR Newswire reports that dating app Skout is celebrating National Potato Chip day in a way that will help out the San Francisco community. The global app is reaching out to make sure that no one will go hungry on National Chip day via a partnership with SF-Marin Food Bank and will help feed 20,000 people in Marin and San Francisco who are considered to be at risk for hunger.

    Skout is a San Francisco based app that makes it easy to expand your group of friends and dating options by helping you find new people in your community. It is currently the largest platform for meeting people on the globe and is active in 180 different countries.

    It is asking its users to join in helping out their communities on National Potato Chip day with a one day virtual gift campaign. Users can buy a virtual bag of chips and send it to their friends via the app. SKOUT will donate cash to the food bank for every virtual bag of chips that is sent during the day up until 20,000 people can be fed in the Marin and San Francisco area.

    Given the fact that Skout is now in 16 languages and is one of the most popular apps it should not be too hard for the app to reach its goal. It’s commonly used for social networking and dating and utilizes the GPS system on mobile phones to help people meet those who are close to them. Browsers can see the profiles and activities of others on Skout that they are interested in. Within the app users can message each other, or send gifts such as the chips to each other.

    CEO and co-founder of Skout, Christian Wiklund, stated that their virtual gifting function is very popular and they enjoy helping out in the community so it is only natural to have combined the two.

    SF-Marin Food Bank Executive Director Paul Ash stated that people in the area are having a hard time balancing their expenses and income and they are happy to be working with Skout to make sure everyone gets enough to eat. To find out more about the partnership read the original article here.

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  • 25Mar


    Autism Rocks Announcement
    On February 17, 2016, Solo Capital CEO Sanjay Shah, founder of Autism Rocks, announced through PRNewsWire that Pete and Will Best have been appointed trustees of the research charity. The new trustees are lifelong friends of Sanjay Shah, and he is confident that each man will contribute great value to the organization due to their impressive life skills and international accomplishments.

    Will Best has devoted his many talents and aspirations to the music industry and achieved international recognition for his events and hosting prominent musical performances live in concert and televised. Pete Best has forged his expertise of 21 years in the financial industry and gained prominence for his forte in managing organizations and as the head of one of the most prominent brokerage houses in the world. Together, Sanjay Shah believes the two men possess an emphatic one-two punch in collaboration to handle the Autism Rocks managerial duties as well as producing phenomenal concerts for the charity. Great things are expected for the organization in the near future. The events are by invitation only and the high-end performances are by major entertainers of the music industry such as Prince, Michael Duble, and Drake, who have performed to very appreciative audiences of Autism Rocks. Sanjay hints that another very celebrated name will be performing next.

    Autism Rocks
    The charity, Autism Rocks, was founded two years ago by Solo Capital CEO Sanjay Shah following diagnosis of his young son with autism, the emotional and intellectual impairment. The number of children diagnosed with autism has been increasing tragically each year, with the current estimate being that one in 68 children are diagnosed as autism patients.

    Until research discovers what, why and where the illness begins, medical science is prevented from developing prevention, treatment and cure. The purpose of Autism Rocks is not only to bring increased awareness of the devastation of the illness, but to raise funding for increase in valuable research to erase Autism from the world’s children.

    Sanjay Shah, Founder Philanthropist
    The life of London born and raised Sanjay Shah changed dramatically when his youngest child was diagnosed with autism. The total stark absence of medical research had no answers. From his home in Dubai, he sought those answers.

    Fortunately, Shah experienced an epiphany when he realized his passion for music could serve a definitive purpose in developing awareness of the disease and the extensive research funding to end it. He combined his expertise in finance as CEO of Solo Capital Partnership, entrepreneurship and philanthropy with his music interests and founded Autism Rocks, significant fund raiser for several autism research organizations.

    Contacting Partnership
    To learn more about the exact nature of autism, receive the partnership’s newsletter or make a donation to Autism Rocks, contact us today.

  • 24Mar

    Wiki writers for hire have a challenging task. You have to be able to come up with factual statements about people, places and things and you’ve got to do it all in real time. There are any number of stories of people who have put hilariously wrong items on a Wikipedia page in order to be funny, or even to actually slur somebody. There have been people who will update a Wiki page and have done so so many times that they have come up with interesting ways to fight off the trolls but one young lady has come up with an approach that sticks out from the crowd.

    Emily Temple Wood has been working on Wikipedia pages ever since she was 12 years old and she recently told the Telegraph that she often had to deal with sexists messages coming from the Wikipedia community. In order to get her revenge on these people she decided that every time she got hit on or harassed by these Internet trolls she would actually go out and start a page for a female scientist. 

    This unique approach has gotten her quite a bit of praise, but it also highlights a problem people who are lucky enough to get their own Wikipedia pages run into. These people generally need someone who is standing guard and willing to catch those who might put something inaccurate on your page. 

    If you don’t have the time to do this kind of guarding yourself, you can hire Wiki editors from a Wikipedia writing service such as Get Your Wiki and know that the people who work for that site are knowledgeable Wikipedia writers that can and do take the headache out of creating your page for yourself. These Wiki writers for hire will work hard, constantly in order to give you endless benefits and opportunities for one’s business or one’s online presence with a page created by professionals.

    Signing up for a Wiki editing service like this means you won’t have to do battle with trolls the way the science fan did. In fact, you won’t have to deal with trolls at all, because you’ll be able to have a small army that is getting your back. Considering the Internet is becoming the wild west when it comes to facts and people acting as though they understand the importance of civility, update a Wiki page for you to make sure it is maintained to a high level which is something people just shouldn’t have to worry about anymore.

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    The Internet is a great place for the business man or woman that wants to reach a lot of different crowds. There are some limitations, however, that come with having your core base online, especially if you are leading a clothing store. In general, people that are shopping for clothes are going to want to try clothes on. This is just the nature of the world that shoppers live in. Shopping online is convenient, but it can become quite inconvenient to order something that doesn’t fit only to return it and wait for the arrival of a new shipment. Fabletics founders Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson are aware of this, and they are doing something about it.

    The Fabletics brand has been able to thrive for a while through the Internet. The web has definitely helped the company emerge as one of the new fitness garment leaders, but this is just a touch of what Fabletics has in store. The company is taking a huge step forward as 100 stores come to a city near you. The ground work is being laid right now as the company leaders dissect the demographics.

    That is going to be the real charm behind what this organization is able to do with new stores. There are some people that are going to see this organization for the first time and wonder what the store is about. Other people are going to see these stores, and instantly recognize the Kate Hudson brand that they are already fans of. The stores provide a landscape for two different people – those that are familiar and those that are not.

    It will also target those that are working out already and those that may be considering exercising for the first time. The great thing about the store is that it will appeal to both men and women that are in need of workout gear. The store will also present new opportunities for people to hear about the Fabletics subscription plan. All of this makes it incredibly easy for this organization to reach a wider range of people

    There is certainly a target market in place, but the number of items that are sold in the stores makes it easier for the brand to expand to a larger consumer base. That is what can happen when the brand is promoted to both men and women. The location of more physical stores will also help Fabletics build up a better relationship with those consumers that are buying things at the last minute. There are going to be those shoppers that cannot wait for an online order to arrive. The brick-and-mortar stores will cater to that impatient consumer base.

  • 11Mar

    Easy Ways To Make Friends Online

    Have you been searching for friends online? I would like to say that making friends is easy, but without the online networking opportunity provided by Skout’s platform I don’t know if I would have any friends at all in my city. I’m so terrible at meeting people for the first time. I leave a good first impression on people, and I can come up with interesting things to talk about, but I have trouble approaching new people. Skout gives me the confidence that I need to make friends in my city.

    I have met a whole bunch of people from Skout. Some of the people that I have met on Skout are friends that I see quite often. We have similar interests, and we get along well. There’s always a chance that it’s not going to work out, so it’s usually best to meet in a safe, public place when you are getting to know someone new. I like meeting people from Skout at a museum or a restaurant because those are quite places that we can have a good conversation when meeting for the first time. Have you tried Skout yet? Your new best friends are only a few clicks away from you.

    When You Act Kind To Strangers, You Make The World A Kinder Place To Live

    International Random Acts Of Kindness Week was just celebrated in the middle of February, so Skout decided to launch a research project to find out just what their users felt about the idea of being kind to strangers. There is a great article from Uloop that sums up what the results of this survey indicate. The biggest and most interesting statistic from this survey, to me, was the fact that 93 percent of the users on Skout who were surveyed said that they have done something kind for a stranger before in their life.

    The survey and article also contain this really compelling list of activities to show your kindness to others. I have felt so inspired that I have already done a few of these activities when the moment strikes me. I want to spread the word in order to let other people know how great it feels to show your kindness and appreciation to other people. To read that article that I referenced from Uloop, go to this link.

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  • 11Mar

    In the early years of George Soros‘ career he worked for a brokerage firm based in New York known as F.M. Mayer. This saw him take on a position known as an arbitrage trader. He specialized in European stocks which he developed a history with during his work at the merchant bank Singer & Friedlander. European stocks were becoming very popular with U.S investors at the time. This was during the conception of the Steel and Coal Community, which we now know as the Common Market.

    George Soros spent 3 years at the firm in New York and then made the move to Wertheim & Co. where he stayed till 1963. At Wertheim & Co he became a European Securities analyst with the hopes of saving up half a million dollars in order to return to England to study philosophy which was a passion he developed. During his years at the company he developed a theory known as theory of reflexivity. This theory was based on the work by Karl Popper who believed that market values are often determined by erroneous ideas of the people involved and not only by economic drivers. There are loops called reflexive feedback loops which are ideas that influence events and events that influence ideas and vice versa. This information allowed George Soros to argue that markets of cycles of both bust and boom which is not the same as predictions made by neoclassical economics.

    A total of $8 million has been pledged by George Soros towards pro-Clinton groups in recent months. George Soros has been an advocate of Hillary Clinton since the support of the Obama re-election which he stated in recent emails, he regretted. He is not the only wealthy donor to donate money towards Priorities USA Action or PAC. People like Herb Sandelr and Donald Sussman who each donated $1.5 million as well as Haim Saban, the Hollywood mogul and his wife both donated $3 million. The total of PAC’s hall for the year has come to a staggering $41 million with $36 million remaining in the back. This leaves them very sure footed heading into the year.

    George Soros has been seen as the leader of the pack when it comes to wealthy democrats. He has not been shy when it came to spending money in American politics. In 2004 alone he donated $20 million in order to appose George W. Bush during his run. Since then however George has been on the back foot as this attempt had failed miserably. Now sees a change in tides as we head into the 2016 election year. All eyes are on what will happen next.

  • 04Mar


    The Street recently reported on a major financial move from billionaire George Soros in the energy market. George recently sold all his shares of Chevron, NRG and Chesapeake Energy in a move that shocked the business world. People are watching George every day, and his moves are carefully-scrutinized by everyone in the business world today. This article explains what George may know that other investors do not know.

    #1: George Is Averse To Risk

    George Soros is averse to risk, and he does not allow his money to go to waste for even a second. The wisest investors are selling stocks that they do not find to be cost-effective, and George sold off his shares of these three energy companies because he sees little potential in them. There is not an official statement coming from George’s offices, and he likely plans a new investment strategy involving the energy industry.

    #2: George Is A Shrewd Businessman

    George is a shrewd businessman who understands how to produce profits from investments. He made a billion dollars in one day by speculating on the British pound, and he has invested his billions around the world to great effect. His portfolio spans the globe, and he is one of the most-respected investors in the world today. Anyone who wants to learn about investment may watch George to learn lessons about business.

    #3: Energy Prices Are Still Falling

    Energy prices are still falling after oil values began to fall over a year ago. George watched the oil prices around the world drop, and he chose to make a move in the energy sector directly related to poor oil futures. Oil prices are dropping around the world at rates that impacting other industries, and the energy industry will continue to lose money as oil prices remain low.

    #4: George’s Possible New Strategy

    George may plan to purchase his shares of NRG, Chevron and Chesapeake Energy at a lower price in the future, and his plan will help him grow the stocks when they begin to rise in price in the future. Oil prices could rise if OPEC nations choose to slow production, and oil prices will help lift the rest of the world economy. George knows how the world economy fluctuates, and he plans to wait for a new rising tide.

    The Street reported recent sales of millions of dollars in shares of three large energy companies by George Soros indicates a new investment strategy from his portfolio. Anyone who wants to invest wisely must take a look at the way George is spending his money, and someone who is planning to invest in the energy market must have a look at George’s strategy. Prices may not recover for some time after this sale.

  • 01Mar


    Fabletics has recently announced it plans to take on the brick and mortar retail work of athletic wear. In an article by Racked, Fabletics’ expansion plan was detailed to include up to 100 retail locations nationwide in the next three to five years. This offers Fabletics customers another alternative to shopping online, mostly through its monthly VIP subscription option. Fabletics has been demonstrating incredible growth, especially in light of the fact that it was just founded in 2013. You may recognize Kate Hudson as the celebrity face of the brand, but she is much more than just a pretty face and a fashion inspiration. Hudson is actually a co-founder of the brand and is extremely proud of her efforts to bring high quality athletic fashion to customers while providing excellent customer service support. Along those lines, Fabletics has invested even more resources recently in improving its customer service experience for its online shoppers.

    Fabletics’ model operates on a unique monthly subscription service, which allows customers to pick from a set of trendy athletic wear outfits. VIP customers, as Fabletics refers to them, are offered their first outfit at the discounted rate of $25. Thereafter, monthly subscribers pay a fee of $49.95 to select from various outfit options, or receive a discount of 50% any regularly priced Fabletics clothing options. Another added bonus with this service is that shipping is totally free for VIP members.

    Besides offering cutting edge athletic fashion at extremely discounted prices, Fabletics has been praised for giving its customers plenty of flexibility in their subscription options and outfit choices. First of all, monthly subscribers can cancel the service at any time. If a VIP member decides not to make an outfit selection for one month, the customer can simply choose not to pay the fee. Fabletics recognizes that a customer may inadvertently forget to log in and make a selection for a month, so if that happens, the customer is simply able to roll over the $49.95 credit for another future purchase.

    With an easy return and exchange policy, a wide variety of outfit choices, thousands of real customer reviews available on its site and the option to call customer service to cancel a subscription any time, Fabletics has cornered the market on efficient customer service and delivering on its hype.
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