• 24Feb

    Family is important and our pets are family too. It’s no wonder that there has been so much research into healthier foods for our beloved four legged family members. Companies all across the globe are changing the way that they make their dog food. They are looking into ways to use more fresh ingredients, less artificial flavors, and to truly pay attention to what vets are saying about animals and their dietary needs.

    This holds true for Beneful as well. Their research and development team has been out there looking to make sure that Beneful offers the best it can for your precious animals. They are developing special foods that are specific to your dogs needs. Whether you have a new puppy that’s just starting it’s long life or an older dog that needs a little more help here and there, Beneful has got you covered.

    From Purinastore’s Beneful “Healthy Puppy” to their ever popular “Playful Life” they are putting everything they can into creating amazing foods for your animals. They use fresh ingredients like beef, salmon, chicken, and vegetables to insure that your special four legged friend is getting everything that need and a taste that they will love! Beneful gives you and your pet the assurance that they will be healthy for years on in without breaking your bank.

    With all the small companies that are coming out with designer dog foods that are kept in the refrigerator and claim to taste so good that you’d eat it, isn’t it nice to know that there are companies out there who are still keeping your pet in mind more than they are concerned with selling you something that you would want to eat?


  • 15Feb

    The dog food that I buy is made better than all the rest. I cannot believe that people actually feed their dogs rubbish without knowing where it came from and what ingredients it is made of. I have to know exactly what my dog is eating! If I don’t know what is in his food, then how will I know if I am being a responsible pet owner? A responsible pet owner is someone who makes all the decisions regarding their pet’s lifestyle choices, such as picking their foods for them and making sure they are getting enough exercise.

    I found this article where the writer discusses some of the most interesting topics that I have been looking for information on with regards to procedures within the pet food industry. It comes to know surprise that the Daily Herald shows all the positive attributes that one will find when they visit a premium dog food manufacturer. The premium companies, like Beneful, have set various safety precautions in place in their facilities. Beneful also is a premium company that would likely have a hired taste tester to check over the blends that they make before sending them out to retailers. This is why Beneful comes up with flavors that smell good to the owners.

    Beneful Chopped Blends smells especially great to me when I open the package. I always know that Beneful is worth the purchase price because it is a premium food that doesn’t mess around in terms of their ingredients. In terms of ingredients, Beneful uses high quality ingredients that other companies don’t even know exist. They offer up delicious products that are nutritious for your dog.

    It’s easy for me to believe that Beneful makes a difference in my dog’s life because I have seen her energy increase when I started feeding her Beneful’s foods. Beneful has a nice, wide variety of foods that they stock in the local pet stores, and they always list their ingredients in plain sight, right there on the packaging labels. If you want to read what the Daily Herald says, look here.


  • 05Feb

    Susan McGalla, director of strategic planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers, announced in September 2015 that the team would introduce its new fashion line in time for its first home game of the season. McGalla, who is also an expert in the retail fashion industry, and her team listened to focus groups and fan polls as well as letters that were sent in to find out what the fans wanted different in fan fashion. The result is a newly designed website that can be used from any device and a new fashion line for men, women and children. The website also features a “Wear What We Wear” section, which includes fashions the players have been seen wearing. The men’s fashion includes the usual T-shirts and jerseys as well as dressier office wear such as polos and sweaters. The women’s line includes more feminine form fitting clothing as well as great accessories and jewelry. McGalla said the goal was to provide something that could be dressed up or down. McGalla, the daughter of a football coach, has been working with the Steelers in an effort to grow its brand and reach new fans. Before accepting the job with the Steelers, McGalla had a colorful career in the retail and fashion world beginning with Joseph Horne Company in 1986. In 1994, when the company was bought out, McGalla went to American Eagle where she earned much of her expertise as regional merchandise buyer for women’s clothes. Hard work and dedication led to promotions, and eventually, McGalla was named chief merchandising officer and then president of the entire company. After a couple years as president of American Eagle, McGalla decided to part ways and pursue a private consulting career where she offered her expertise to other companies. After several job offers, she decided to accept a CEO position with Wet Seal where she stayed for two years before starting her own business, HFF,  P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. The company advises its clients on all things business including merchandise buying, branding and marketing. The company continued business even after McGalla went to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • 02Feb

    Doe Deere well known for her fashion and inspiration tricks have been in the limelight as a proof that not only is she beautiful but she can do a lot with beauty and brains. Doe is the founder of Lime Crime Company, and she has been in the field since she developed an interest in make-up at the age of 9. Her inspiration grew as she created an account on eBay named lime crime and later initiated a company in 2008. Her effort lies from her hard work and determination, and she is also interested in bright colors which she says are hard to come across to.

    She has succeeded in encouraging many women and empowering them in businesses and entrepreneurship ability especially from making appeals with good makeup. Sometimes breaking rules creates good suggestions which are certainly helpful in starting out and are not binding too. Doe from her interaction with fashion encourages women to stay out of the ordinary and try to break some fashion rules. She has been in the unicorn and a known expert in colorful, cruelty-free cosmetics, teal lipsticks and glittery cosmetics. Doe encourages women to break fashion rules and try something out of the formality of styles.

    A rule like don’t wear a bold eye with a bold lip sometimes is not what would excite a woman’s heart. Maybe take something else like some vibrant blue lipstick, or Venus eye shadow palette with cry baby, or blue milk eyeliner with rusty reds Venus eye shadow. Mix matching the colors will create some excitement and break the monotony too. The rule of not mixing so many colors according to Doe how much is too the instincts will tell ‘how much is much’ not the rule. It’s beautiful to try out many colors this has been the secret behind Doe’s success with Lime Crime.

    There are also other rules such as; avoid so many patterns or don’t wear socks with open shoes or heels. Those patterns could be your comfort, those socks you can rock an outfit during winter and still make an impression. You will not need to throw your heels away; showing a little bit of different color down your hills is amazing. Doe confesses to having more than 200 different pairs of socks and leggings. Her success can be owed to her being a fashion risk taker. She confesses to being the worst in makeup since when she was age nine until her twenties when she learned how to do it right. She has also been in the company of theatrical professions who helped her get more interest in the field. Ladies should trust their makeup choice sometimes rules make life boring, the need to grow the courage to try out new things and colors too.

  • 02Feb

    Dick DeVos has always been able to spot a great business deal, and it seems like he is positioning himself to buy another successful business. The Windquest Group, which Dick DeVos owns, has filed papers with the state to acquire its first beer and wine license. While no one is saying for sure, it would appear that Windquest will soon own Coppercraft Distillery in Holland, Michigan. 

    If these rumors are true, then it is great news for Holland as Dick DeVos has proved many times that he supports the communities where he has an interest. For example, he has started charter schools and donated to public libraries in communities where he owns businesses. He also has donated art to communities which should increase interest in Holland’s Tulip Festival. 

    Coppercraft Distillery is already one of the most respected distilleries in Michigan. Opened in 2013 by Walter Catton III, the distillery specializes in aged spirits but hopes to expand into craft beers and spirits shortly. In addition to offering a 50 seat tasting room, the distillery offers its products at more than 100 locations in Michigan, Illinois and Colorado. 

    The distillery currently hires eight full and part time. They hope to expand the tasting room in the future which will require hiring more staff. The distillery also hopes to expand its offerings by selling appetizers paired with customer’s favorite drinks. Additionally, they hope to expand their distribution network which could result in the need for more added staff. 

    Windquest Group owns a variety of businesses in the clean energy, innovation, non-profit and alternative realms. The company produces the popular ArtPrize providing over three miles of art to downtown Grand Rapids in late September and early October each year.

    If you would like to learn more about the life and work of Dick DeVos, connect with him on LinkedIn or take a look at his Facebook page.



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