• 20Nov

    Visual search began several years ago through the development of companies like Slyce. The universal scanner allowed users to use an app on their cell phones to snap photos of products that they are interested in and find out more about it. People could either buy products on the spot or create a want list for themselves. Slyce quickly caught on with users and brands began seeing the benefits of using new technologies to gain new customers and stay relevant.

    Slyce has helped individuals save money on products by finding the most relevant deals. Shoppers can find coupons or engage in price matching when they use visual searching by image recognition. Savings are applied immediately when customers purchase items.

    Years after Slyce aided retailers by providing shoppers with a virtual shopping experience, the retailers have begun to change their usual advertising methods. Due to the heavy interest shoppers have in social media, retailers have started providing visual search opportunities on social media sites. Not only can relevant ads be displayed on social media sites, but sites such as Pinterest are offering shoppable content. As a result, visual search and buy buttons have now been added to social media content and are becoming popular methods for shoppers to purchase products.

    Companies are using social media as an opportunity to increase shopper interest through visual domains. Users can customize the content that they are searching for into by focusing on specific areas like clothing, shoes, cosmetics, home decor, and home furnishings. They can find pricing information and look for the same deals the same way that Slyce allowed them to. Visual content can also be used to help advertisers learn what interests the public and they can gain information about the shoppers of products.

    Slyce has paved the way for new shopping technology to form. Big transformations will continue to be made by retailers as they use the latest technologies to maintain a presence. Social media sites are rapidly changing along with technology, so that the two can form a union going forward.

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