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    While there is talk of a glass ceiling, there are a few female executives that have either broke through or have shown that there is no glass ceiling that is specific to women. Also, they have shown that the glass ceiling is one’s own glass ceiling that he or she has creaed for oneself. Susan McGalla is one of those paid executives that have shown women that it is possible to overcome obstacles and make a good living off of what they do. One major aspect of Susan McGalla’s success is her mindset. She also has a lot of experience which makes her one of the most reliable executives in her industry.

Throughout the years, female retail executives have made a lot of progress. While there is still a noticeable gap between female and male executives, that gap is rapidly closing with the work that the female executives are willing to put in. Even if the female executives are making less money than male executives, they are still making enough to be happy. The major thing that determines the success of a female executive is her attitude and her work ethic. This is the one thing that will bring executives like Susan McGalla right up there with the male executives.

Susan MCgalla, being one of the highest paid executives has worked in many apparel companies. One of the companies that she has worked in is American Eagle Outfitters. Even if she wasn’t as highly paid as a male executive, she was very influential in sales of products. She has also helped with the opening of new product lines with American Eagle Outfitters which has increased their sales and revenue. This demonstrates her value a lot more than how much money she makes. She has become the president of American Eagle Outfitters before she left the store to start her own business. 

Her current business is a combination of various aspects of her background. Her father was a football coach. While she was coached for her football team, she did have an interest in clothing. Her father was supportive of her and has also taught her to regard herself as a person instead of a female. He has not paid her any special treatment due to her gender. She took that with her into her field of choice. As of right now, she does marketing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She markets the clothing of the team. 

Susan McGalla is a very responsible businesswoman who works very hard to not just make income, but to actually make a difference in the lives of women. She is a powerful businesswoman and a speaker that uses advice that avoids any buzzwords. She provides practical forms of advice that women can use to build something reliable for themselves. She also teaches the right mindset for a woman to have in order to succeed in whatever business or career field that they choose. Susan McGalla is one of the women that are role models for other women to look up to.

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