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    Born in East Liverpool, Susan Mc Galla is an American business woman who is from Pittsburg. She is described as a woman with an iron fist because she has excelled in what is considered a man’s world. Ms. Mc Galla attributes this to growing up with two elder brothers and her father, who was a local football coach and treated her not differently from her brothers. She also says that her folks usually encouraged to be open about her ideas and not to be shy despite the audience she would face. This has made her super confident and to be herself amongst men and women. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from the Mount Union College majoring in business and marketing. This has greatly helped her in forming a strong career in the field. She is married to an American wealth manager by the name Stephen Mc Galla. She is an executive business consultant who has served various American companies in different positions. Starting her career at the Joseph Horne Company, she worked from 1986 to 1994. She later joined American Eagle Outfitter where she is best known for. She had various positions at the company before rising to the ranks of being president and CEO. During her tenure, she saw the company’s portfolio on wikinvest rise and introduced over 77 brands of kids clothing and helping the company’s revenue to $3 billion. She had been actively involved in marketing the active wear company and even once wore jeans while leading a teen campaign to move the company’s headquarters. She has international recognition and has been approached, not once for applications of being named as a woman business leader. She left the company in 2009 and had worked for Wet Seal where she also greatly impacted the company by introducing new audiences and creating new clothing brands. She started her executive consulting company, P3, which has done consulting services for top industry leaders and organizations around America. The company offers executive consultancy din the fashion industry. Being the most sought after consultant in the retail industry, she is dedicated professional who has gained a wide experience and is much flexible in the industry. She also has great passion in growing her company. Her character strength is what she says has moved her. She is a strong believer in women strength and has been in the frontline to empower young women in excelling in different fields. She points out at issues like confidence and getting the education at the way women can achieve their goals. Ms. Mc Galla currently sits on the board of the publicly traded real estate company, HFF Inc. she also is the director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. As a woman leader with much experience and resources, she was appointed to the board of Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. At the University of Pittsburgh, she is on the board of trustees as well as a council member for the university’s cancer institute.

  • 20Nov

    Visual search began several years ago through the development of companies like Slyce. The universal scanner allowed users to use an app on their cell phones to snap photos of products that they are interested in and find out more about it. People could either buy products on the spot or create a want list for themselves. Slyce quickly caught on with users and brands began seeing the benefits of using new technologies to gain new customers and stay relevant.

    Slyce has helped individuals save money on products by finding the most relevant deals. Shoppers can find coupons or engage in price matching when they use visual searching by image recognition. Savings are applied immediately when customers purchase items.

    Years after Slyce aided retailers by providing shoppers with a virtual shopping experience, the retailers have begun to change their usual advertising methods. Due to the heavy interest shoppers have in social media, retailers have started providing visual search opportunities on social media sites. Not only can relevant ads be displayed on social media sites, but sites such as Pinterest are offering shoppable content. As a result, visual search and buy buttons have now been added to social media content and are becoming popular methods for shoppers to purchase products.

    Companies are using social media as an opportunity to increase shopper interest through visual domains. Users can customize the content that they are searching for into by focusing on specific areas like clothing, shoes, cosmetics, home decor, and home furnishings. They can find pricing information and look for the same deals the same way that Slyce allowed them to. Visual content can also be used to help advertisers learn what interests the public and they can gain information about the shoppers of products.

    Slyce has paved the way for new shopping technology to form. Big transformations will continue to be made by retailers as they use the latest technologies to maintain a presence. Social media sites are rapidly changing along with technology, so that the two can form a union going forward.

  • 13Nov

    Wikipedia is a great source for information on a variety of subjects. You’ve probably discovered that it is an incredible site with a wealth of information available at the click of a mouse. Perhaps, you are one of the many visitors that took the opportunity to edit a few articles. Now, you are ready to join the big league and be a Wikipedia writer. Well, don’t delay. Wikipedia needs writers. New writers keep the site alive and relevant. Here are a few things to remember about writing for Wikipedia, before composing that first Wikipedia article.

    Writing Directly
    Certainly, you’ve made a major decision to join the Wikipedia community and start writing your own articles. Here is something to remember. A new writer must register first, if they wish to directly submit their article. Unregistered writers must submit their articles to a Wikipedia editor for review and publishing. Therefore, it is a wise choice to take a few minutes to register on the Wikipedia site.

    Article Search
    Before writing the first article for Wikipedia, take a few minutes to search for another article on the subject that you would like to write about. If it is a popular topic, there are probably articles already on the subject. Read the article. Take a few minutes to make minor edits. Editing is a way to boost your confidence and encourage you to write a quality first Wikipedia article.

    Gathering References
    You probably already realize that gathering references for your proposed article is a very important part of the entire writing process on Wikipedia. Articles on Wikipedia should be notable. In other words, they are the type of articles feature in encyclopedias. If you find it extremely difficult to find quality references, the subject is not notable. Seek reliable sources for your references.

    Seek Advice
    Certainly, every new writer on Wikipedia could use advice from an experienced writer on the site. Wikipedia makes it very easy for a new writer to contact other community members and request feedback at the talk page or Wiki Project. Check the site for more information.

    Get Your Wiki
    Get the type of article that you want done right the first time. Get Your Wiki is a professional Wikipedia writing site that will create, edit, update, and monitor all the articles that they write for their clients.

    Get Your Wiki will also guarantee that the article created for the client is approved promptly.

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    While there is talk of a glass ceiling, there are a few female executives that have either broke through or have shown that there is no glass ceiling that is specific to women. Also, they have shown that the glass ceiling is one’s own glass ceiling that he or she has creaed for oneself. Susan McGalla is one of those paid executives that have shown women that it is possible to overcome obstacles and make a good living off of what they do. One major aspect of Susan McGalla’s success is her mindset. She also has a lot of experience which makes her one of the most reliable executives in her industry.

Throughout the years, female retail executives have made a lot of progress. While there is still a noticeable gap between female and male executives, that gap is rapidly closing with the work that the female executives are willing to put in. Even if the female executives are making less money than male executives, they are still making enough to be happy. The major thing that determines the success of a female executive is her attitude and her work ethic. This is the one thing that will bring executives like Susan McGalla right up there with the male executives.

Susan MCgalla, being one of the highest paid executives has worked in many apparel companies. One of the companies that she has worked in is American Eagle Outfitters. Even if she wasn’t as highly paid as a male executive, she was very influential in sales of products. She has also helped with the opening of new product lines with American Eagle Outfitters which has increased their sales and revenue. This demonstrates her value a lot more than how much money she makes. She has become the president of American Eagle Outfitters before she left the store to start her own business. 

Her current business is a combination of various aspects of her background. Her father was a football coach. While she was coached for her football team, she did have an interest in clothing. Her father was supportive of her and has also taught her to regard herself as a person instead of a female. He has not paid her any special treatment due to her gender. She took that with her into her field of choice. As of right now, she does marketing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She markets the clothing of the team. 

Susan McGalla is a very responsible businesswoman who works very hard to not just make income, but to actually make a difference in the lives of women. She is a powerful businesswoman and a speaker that uses advice that avoids any buzzwords. She provides practical forms of advice that women can use to build something reliable for themselves. She also teaches the right mindset for a woman to have in order to succeed in whatever business or career field that they choose. Susan McGalla is one of the women that are role models for other women to look up to.

  • 02Nov

    Exercise Is Fun For You And Your Dog

    One of my favorite activities to do as a pet owner is to take my dog on walks. We walk up the lane by my house. There isn’t much traffic, so I often let the dog leash drag on the ground. There also aren’t many other dogs. You should always have your dog on a leash when you leave your property because they could run off and chase something. This could cause your dog to get lost, or they could get hit by a car. There is also the possibility of your dog coming in contact with a wild animal. This wild animal could be rabid, so you won’t want to deal with that. I keep my dog on a leash, and I keep her close to me, so if something were to happen, I can grab the leash quickly.

    I care for my dog a great deal, so I consider all of the aspects of her health. I don’t want her to get in a fight with a wild animal. She would think she is protecting me because she is always very protective. Whenever someone comes to the house she barks and growls until she gets to know the person. I had to step on her leash the other day when she was barking at a neighbors dog during our walk. There wasn’t a fence around the neighbor’s yard, so they dog started to approach us. Luckily, my dog listened well. She stay with me, and we didn’t have a problem.

    The reason we go on walks is to keep her active on Beneful. An active dog will have an easier time keeping any extra weight off their body. They will build lean muscle. They will often be more active because of this muscular build. I try to walk my dog everyday for about a mile. That’s one trip up the lane and back. We take our time. Sometimes we stop at the end of the lane where there is a small field. I like to take a tennis ball with us on the walk. I throw the ball, and she’ll go get it. I make sure she doesn’t run too far. Also, the field we go to is owned by a neighbor that I know, so they don’t mind us being there.

    Nutrition is important in keeping your dog happy and healthy. If you are unsure about what to feed your dog, how much to feed your dog or how often to feed your dog, then you should do more research on your dog’s breed. Talk to a veterinarian or other pet owners for their recommendations. A lot of pet owners that I know feed their dogs with Beneful by Purina. The dogs love it. My dog eats it in a flash. She always knows when I’m going to get her food because the cabinet door makes a creaking sound when I open it. She gobbles up the Beneful food fast.



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