• 28Oct

    I live in a house with my two dogs. They are usually the best two dogs in the world but recently they do nothing but bark and bark at the next door neighbors dogs. We have a male and female while the neighbors have two males. Our male is a seven month old puppy. He is so adorable and a french breed. The neighbors dogs are both rottweilers. It has become a huge problem as I have to check to make sure that they are not out there before I let our dogs out. If they are out there my nearly seventy year old self gets worn out as it literally take an hour to get them back into the house. All four dogs paws up on the fence barking their, fool heads, off. Once I get them inside I am exhausted. It is a huge struggle.

    The neighbor and I have considered putting a gate so the dogs can go between the two yards as they are so obnoxious. We do try our hardest not to let them out at the same time and my daughter even suggested that we go ahead and coordinate dog pee pee breaks. We have not done that yet. We do our best. So back about six months ago the strangest thing happened.

    First let me say that our yard is no more than 0.20 acre and so is the neighbors yard. So it is not huge and the dogs normally no exactly where each other are. So I open the door and let the dogs out and all of a sudden the bigger Rottie jumps over the fence clearing it by at least a foot and lands, in our yard. Our two dogs are outside roaming around the yard. The Rottweiler did not have any affect on the other two, in fact it was as if they didn’t even realize that they were in the same yard, mine! So if they are divided by a fence they bark and bark. If they are in the yard together then they don’t pay any mind to each other. We got the neighbor and she took him back over to her home but that was something else. It is not often that you see a dog loft the fence.

    Since this episode we have seen the dog hike over the fence into the front yard a couple times. I worry he will run into the street because I forget that they have an electric fence to keep him out of the street in the front.

    Sometimes I bring the neighbors dogs some Purina treats. The neighbor even started purchasing them to because the dogs both absolutely loves them. They must be tasty. The neighbor said that the rottweilers eat the Beneful wet dog food and really love it. She sometimes gives me coupons so that I can go ahead a buy the snacks at a discounted price. They truly enjoy them. We also never added a gate as lofting over the fence is quite an often occurrence.

  • 26Oct

    Steve Murray was born on August 2nd 1926 and died on March 12th, 2015 aged 52 years old. He married Tamy Murray and had four children. Steve Murray was a philanthropist and a private equity investor who headed the CCMP Capital as the president and chief executive officer. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a private firm, which specializes in the growth and buyout of the equity transactions.

    Steve Murray graduated with a degree in economics from the Boston College in 1984. He earned master’s degree in business administration from the Columbia Business School 5 years later.

    Murray managed to become a member of the credit analyst training program at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in 1984. He later joined the MH Equity Corporation which was a combination of the Manufacturers Hanover private equity group and its finance unit. However, Manufacturer Hanover was bought by Chemical Bank in 1991 which made Chemical Venture Partners and MH Equity to come together. In 1996, Chemical Bank merged with the Chase Manhattan Corporation which made Chemical Venture Partners to be Chase Capital Partners. Murray was made the head of buyout at JP Morgan Partners in 2005.

    Working for CCMP and all the predecessor firms since 1989, Murray left last month in what the firm described as “Health related” issues. During his stay at the firm, CCMP developed into one of the world’s largest private equity firms. However, the group spun out in 2006 with Mr. Steve Murray taking over as the CEO from the group founder Jeff Walker.

    Greg Brenneman, the current CCMP chairman who succeeded Murray as the CEO and President revealed that they were very saddened to learn on their former partner and friends ‘demise. “Deepest condolences, our prayers and thoughts are with his family. Definitely, they used to be his joy and pride” Greg Brenneman said. Steve was considered by many as a deal maker and a terrific investor who spent most of his lifetime working for the private equity. All the CCMP employees are grateful for his contributions. Stephen P. Murray was a role model to most of the young and upcoming business people who were interested in following his footsteps in the private sector.

    Most recently, Murray was in the board of the Inforgroup Inc, Octagon Credit Investors, Stongwood Insurance, LHP Hospital Group, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Crestcom International and Ollie’s Bargain. He also served on the board of other major companies such as Pinnacle Foods, Warner Chilcott, Aramark, AMC Entertainment, Cabela’s, Generac Power Systems and Legacy Hospital Partners. He also supported the Make a Wish Foundation of the Food Bank of Stamford Museum, Metro of New York, Fairfield County and Columbia Business School.

  • 15Oct

    Another brilliant Harvard graduate breaks through to the pinnacle of the American Dream. With only a fax machine, a PC and a phone, Ken Griffin made some trades from his dorm room back in 1987. Once he began to take in a modest income, his beginnings to many, appeared impressive and simple. His elegant effort captured the attention of a Chicago-based, Glenwood Partners. The co-founder and hedge-fund manager, Frank Meyer took him in.

    Later on, in 1990, Ken Griffin founded Citadel and is also the Chief Executive Officer. These groups offer alternative asset management. The Citadel Securities division is a leader in liquidity provisions for the American Capital markets. The technology that is put into action for this cabal, provides solutions for investment management technology ideas. Citadel employs some 1,250 expert members who work there on a global basis.

    When approaching investments, the key factors are driven by several components; rigorous research, proven software platforms, and expert quantitative study. From these elements, the very best key strategies are the basis for Citadel to count on for insight and creative development of people. The multi faceted formula involves discipline and highly focused team members who share the common goal to attain consistently high risk-adjusted income investment yields for all investors and investment partners.

    In this endeavor, Citadel Capital Management teams adhere to certain Investment Principles. While involved in the pursuit of these successful investments, it is not enough to formulate ideas. The experts of Citadel believe in being prepared and ready to perform in a way that results in Citadel rising to the occasion. Team members at Citadel never relent from working in unison to create comprehensive action plans with useful and effective iterations. With these methods to lead the way, including with shared imperatives, the moment is there to act. The team at Citadel will act immediately with swiftness to provide and grab opportunities with the most potential.

    In the process of iteration, Citadel team members work intensely and exhaustively on key components of a particular investment portfolio. The effort of the team will often culminate in great achievement through team efforts. The rigors of the research methods only enhance the results for the benefit of the client, the producer of the key decisions who earn the rewards based on hard work.

    Most importantly, when collaborating on various investment portfolios, the Citadel way precipitates preparedness and uniquely qualifies Citadel as a world class investment force that provides key results. The corporate culture among the driven team members is one of insightful opportunity and freedom to act at the precise moment when needed. The success that develops in these highly intricate transactions set the tone for all future transactions. This is what is meant by building an effective, profitable, innovative transaction. The world will become a more fulfilling place because of the team work here. For those who seek to share in the tireless path paved by the efforts of this wonderful group of people, life will be improved because of the affinity towards innovative ideas for creating wealth.

  • 14Oct

    Bearing in mind that he has an excellent track of record in investment industry, running for a period of 27 years, Mr. Bruce Levenson is admirably well spoken. He is a Partner and Co-Founder at United Communication Group. He is also the former co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC previously known as Atlanta Spirit, which owned and managed the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and Philips Arena. The Hawks were in good shape, won an amazing record of 60 games, and were on top of the table in the East, last season though they ranked 17th in attendance. Therefore, they were deemed to lose money in the 2015 season.

    Mr. Levenson of time.com being a terrific investor and business genius might have seen this coming, thus he decided to sell the team. He hired various agencies to oversee the sale of the highly priced team. Goldman Sacks and Inner Circle Sports were convinced they could sell the team at a record $1 billion to Philip Arena. Antony Ressler, The billionaire equity and investment fund manager led a group to win the auction with $730 million bid. However, the billion-target set by Levenson was not met. This was a motivating figure, considering the low returns the team was getting due to reduced attendance.

    Levenson parents were Jewish; he was born in Washington D.C and brought up in Chevy Chase Maryland. He graduated from American University with a Bachelor of Arts degree after completing his college course at Washington University in St. Louis. Able to balance academics and work, he worked as a Journalist at Washington Star during the day and attended classes at night. He is a talented, versatile and skilled man, attributes that has seen rise from holding junior positions to managerial and supervisory roles to now a President and CEO of a reputable company.

    Levenson has remained loyal to United Communications Group from its infancy as junior company operating under his apartment to now a Mega-company. The company over the years has been able to purchase other small companies in the oil industry and develop databases such as Oil Price Information Service (OPIS). As it stands, UCG is a domestic business company dedicated to availing information on data, news and analysis for mortgage banking, telecommunications, healthcare, energy, technology, transport and other industries. Mr. Levenson organized a team of University qualified and highly trained professionals to develop GasBuddy, a mobile application that helps drivers to locate local low gas prices.

    Levenson has sat in various boards including Board of Directors of TechTarget and served as the director from its founding in 1999 to 2012. He was a board member of the Newsletter and Electronic Publisher Association. He is an active philanthropist, and has participated in many humanitarian organizations including Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and Hoop Dreams Foundation. He support needy undergraduate students to achieve their higher education dream and former president of the Washington chapter of I Have a Dream Foundation. He has offers generous donations; he is the U.S. Holocaust Museum founding donor and continues to fund the Museum’s Bringing the Lessons Home program that trains students on tour guiding.

  • 12Oct

    There are many ways that you can improve your skills of writing Wikipedia articles, but following the rules and writing up to the standards expected by Wikipedians and readers alike is one of the best ways to start. I will provide a few directions that you should start going in to improve your skills, if you are just now starting out.

    Do not use any words that the majority of readers might not understand. All ages of people use Wikipedias, coming from all over the world, and from all different levels of education. Do not write as if you are addressing a child, but write simply enough so everybody can understand what is going on in an article.

    People from all over the world use the Wikipedia services found on Get Your Wiki. Never use any slang terms that could offend people of different races, cultures, or nationalities. Writers should also avoid using slang terms because translators may have a hard time understanding what exactly the word means, and could interpret it as meaning something different.

    Never use information that you are not entirely sure is true. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, which means that it should only contain factual and truthful information. If you see misleading or false information on another article, contact the last person who edited about it and share you concerns, or just go ahead and edit the article if you think it should be changed.

    Get Your Wiki is one of the best ways to get an article or other type of Wikipedia page to be written for you. They are able to give you a quote in 24 hours, and their services are priced very low. Get Your Wiki’s official website is www.GetYourWiki.com, where more information about the business can be located at, including a way to contact the company.

    If you happen to be writing about a fiction article, the page does not have to contain factual information that translates to the real world, but must be full of information that is true in the fictional world that the book takes place in.

    This goes for any type of writing, but spelling should always be correct. If you were somebody else who was reading an article you helped contribute to and there was a spelling discrepancy in the article, you might not want to keep reading because the whole article might be chock full of things that are misleading or simply not true.

  • 08Oct

    In the recent past, Slyce, a Toronto-based company has been able to raise $10.5 million in funding so as to improve on its phenomenal platform. Slyce is well known for its shopping image recognition on slyce technology that enables users to see products that they would like to own whether on the streets, shoot them with their smartphone cameras and search on retail outlets that have synchronized their inventory with the technology.

    Different with other similar technologies on the market, Slyce does not require that the photographed product be in its original package. This is because it has improved abilities, and it does not rely on only logo identification. The technology can identify products even when they are not in their original packaging because it tends to rely on the unique attributes of an item. This is because the company is looking into more than just offering the technology to retail outlets.

    Slyce has been partnering with major retailers who include five of the top twenty retailers in the United States when measured by volume and sales so as to ensure that the technology exceeds its expectations. The company has in the recent past been exploring opportunities to start using image recognition for customers so that they can tag mobile gift registry items and receive coupons by using their mobile phones.

    The company has combined an effective machine technology with a robust human crowd sourcing that has been very instrumental in changing the way people do shopping nowadays. When the technology is used, a lot of hassles that shoppers go through including having to visit the shopping location physically are done with. At the end of the day, the technology saves the shopper time and also gives them the freedom to spot an item they like and shop for it with just a few clicks on the phone.

    When it comes to the retailer’s end, the technology has proved to be very effective when matters related to enabling the retailer know which products are moving well in the inventory are concerned. This is because, at the end of every day, it provides a comprehensive report of the product searches conducted that plays a very big role in the retailer identifying what products need to be added in the inventory.

    The unique thing about Slyce is the fact that it exists as both a white label solution and an independent consumer app. It is also not confined to only the smartphone and users can use it on their desktops. It allows retailers to be always available at the consumer’s point of interest by enabling them do seamless shopping in an instant. With the technology, a consumer does not have to worry about how to make payment as it takes care of all those factors in a secure environment.

  • 07Oct

    Interest rates are being kept at zero in the United States. Investment banks are not entirely thrilled with this scenario. As long as interest rates remain at zero, the fiscal situation with investment banks remains tenuous.

    Is the Federal Reserve going to do what it has not done in a number of years and raise interest rates? This is a question that has been on everyone’s mind for a while. There is good reason why so many are pondering what “The Fed” will do. The raising of interest rates is could potentially lead to a downswing in the economy. An increase in interest rates in a tepid economy is not exactly going to help give the economic landscape a real boost. Investment banks, however, would experience an increase in revenue. This does not automatically mean the banks would be automatically profitable since effective management is always going to play a role in any company success. Still, seeing more money run into financial coffers is going to always be better than seeing fewer funds.

    Economists like Ken Griffin according to wallstreetjournal have been looking at the overall picture and the continual consensus is the Federal Reserve is likely to delay raising the rates. NBC News took a survey with 80 economists prior to a major Federal Reserve meeting. The results from the survey revealed 45 economists believed the rates would be delayed while 35 assumed interest rates would see an increase. The opinions of the former turned out to be correct. The Federal Reserve opted not to raise interest rates. The continual soft employment numbers in the United States play a major role in the delays. Raising rates could send the unemployment rate skyrocketing and force payroll figures to be unimpressive.

    The trouble investment banks run into, as Bloomberg News points out, is they cannot make as much money on loans or investments as they once did. A dynamic bank would have to work harder at bringing in new clients and, possibly, focus on smaller profits but from a larger number of clients. This is but one strategy. A well-managed investment bank surely could come up with additional plans.

    An investment bank with a top manager such as Ken C. Griffin would be in a good position to navigate the difficult waters of zero interest rates. Griffin is the CEO of Citadel, an investment firm that oversees roughly $25 billion in investment capital. The reach of Citadel is global as the firm deals with investments and partners all over the world.

    At some point, interest rates will increase. They cannot stay at zero forever. Regardless of what the figures on interest rates are, an investment bank has to be properly managed. A good manager is going to understand interest rates and economic landscapes change both for the better and the less-than-desirable.

  • 02Oct

    FreedomPop, a US telecoms firm that offers free 4G service, has entered the UK market, bringing competition to firms like of TalkTalk and Tesco Mobile, who are budget providers. FreedomPop’s settling in the UK marks the beginning of their international expansion plan that is venture capital-backed. After the payment of a one-off fee of £7, FreedomPop provides a monthly service consisting of 200 minutes of talk time, 200 texts and 200MB of mobile data. A market survey will also be presented to the subscribers and upon completion of the survey, the subscribers earn more free allowances. The company is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator and does not infrastructure such as mobile masts. It also aims to target the market segment that is conscious about prices. FreedomPop will buy capacity to provide to its subscribers from the Three network. According to Stephen Stokols, the Chief Executive, only half of the subscribers in the US buy extra capacity. He went on to state that the company only requires 50,000 initial subscribers. This will aid the company to be cash flow positive in the UK.

    FreedomPop was founded in 2011 in the US by Stephen Stokols. This was after a proposal was rejected by BT to launch in the UK on itunes.apple.com, the firm at the time headed by Gavin Patterson. Mr. Patterson acted as an advisor to FreedomPop but has had to abandon this of late as the company would compete directly with BT’s own mobile operation in the UK. BT in March rejoined the mobile market, pricing its products radically and beating expectation. BT later paid £12.5bn to buy out EE.

    FreedomPop is intent on reducing costs by spending as much traffic as possible over wifi networks as opposed to mobile networks. Mr. Stokols confirmed that would leave for the UK later on to try and enter into a contract with BT, his former employer, to strike a deal for access to the wifi network belonging to BT. Initially, FreedomPop will register its users online only, but Mr. Stokols confirmed that they were holding negotiations with two firms which are major high street retailers. The company goes ahead to claim that about a quarter million Britons showed expectation before the commercial launch and the company may have to put a limit on subscriptions in the first few months in order to manage its own growth.

  • 01Oct

    Wikipedia is one of the world’s most trusted sources of information. People all over the world use the pages of Wikipedia in order to find out information about many varied and important kinds of topics. In doing so, they rely on the site to help them accomplish many varied tasks such as writing articles about subjects for academic papers as well as researching subjects for many kinds to make business Wiki pages tasks. People have come to realize that they can use the site for many purposes and they can also write pages for the site as well. Doing so can have many advantages.

    One of the most important advantages is the ability to use the site to help put up a page about themselves here. A page on the site can serve as form of a basic resume. People who not quite sure how to do this task may wish to turn to a company such as Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki is a company with many staffers who know exactly how to write a page on the site. Staffers understand the many rules and guidelines that govern the site;s usage. They know how to create a profile for anyone here that will be accurate and adhere to the site’s stated aims in providing users with accurate information. A new user can work with them to create a page about their lives that is completely correct in all respects.

    People can use the company to help them understand how to create other Wikipedia pages. Mastering the art of writing a Wikipedia page can be a great way to help someone expand their writing skills and their ability to convey information to other people of many varied backgrounds. People who are able to master the kind of guidelines that are required to write a page here will be those who can master all kinds of other writing tasks. Creating Wikipedia pages should be done carefully and slowly. It is best for a new user to read all the guidelines here and figure out how to apply them to the page they have in mind. In doing so, many people find they can have an enjoyable hobby that allows them to be able to create something of lasting value on the net. A single page on the site may be read by dozens of people in the course of a day.



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