• 27Sep

    If you’re anything like me, work keeps you busy and your social life and hobbies keep you distracted enough that you can safely say “I don’t have time to (insert adult activity)”.

    However, being that I am human and a female, I have this strange, genetic urge to take care of someone other than myself. Yes, I have tried to quell these sensations by taking care of a significant other, but as you may know, relationship permanence isn’t guaranteed. Be it because of incompatibility, lack of reciprocation, communication, etc, there are many reasons why the dream of “happily ever after” is not currently in the cards for me. And, since we have ruled out long term relationships, then we have also ruled out children. Unless you’re into that whole single mom, egg doner thing. But, again, if you’re anything like me, that’s a highly laughable option, unless it’s by accident.

    Now, I’m an intelligent and fairly self aware person, so I know for a fact I am in no shape to be responsible for a child and I know I’m not the only one out there that thinks this way. In my neighborhood, Beneful dog owners seem to outweigh parents. The amount of dogs I see outnumbers how many children I see by a significant amount. I believe this to be because many of us have decided that the best we can do is a pet, or at least test out the prospect of parenthood this way. And, what better pet to get than with a dog? I mean, they’re practically children already; you have to teach them how to live a normal productive life.

    I’ve had a dog as a kid so I know about training, playing, and all that jazz. The one aspect that gives me anxiety is the one thing I did not have control over at the time and that’s the feeding process, my mother took care of that. So, now that I’m my own adult, I’ve had to consider my options. One thing I did remember was that we fed our dog (a beautiful cocker spaniel) Purina. So, naturally I went to their page and looked through their product offerings. In all honesty, I’d prefer to make my pup its food from scratch. In all reality, that is not going to happen and neither is the all natural option as it costs way too much. But, thankfully, Purina offers Baneful, which is their high quality, natural dog food option that is very affordable. Yes, the holy trinity of consumerism! At just under $1/pound, this is one dog food that I will definitely get once I adopt my dog child.

    Now, if only I can just make a trip to my local animal shelter without falling in love with all the cute pups.

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