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    If you are in the world of beauty, you probably already know about a woman named Doe Deere. She is easily recognized by her brand name Lime Crime. It’s full of bold, cool, really cool colors. These colors are for those who really want to take a chance.

    You might already be familiar with her line. What you may know about is Doe Deere on galoremag, the person. Recently, she say down for an interview. I found this online. I thought that some of you would be interested in what she had to say.

    This interview I feel gives more of an insight to her, as a person. It also gives more of an insight to why she started the line in the first place.


    Well, most of you know that I started a DIY line a few years back. Well, I just wanted to take the line and expand on it. I wanted to include bold colors, colors that weren’t around when I was just starting out.

    When I was just starting out, I had to back due with what I had. Whatever bold colors I had at the time, I just had to work with them. There aren’t too many bold colors out anymore. Too many are afraid to take a chance. I am speaking for these people.

    I want to bring the “fun” back into makeup and beauty. Too many are satisfied with “playing it safe.” I’m not like that. I’m not interested in playing it safe. My Lime Crime line speaks to this point of view.


    It would have to be the liquid-to-matte lipstick. This stuff stays on. It will not crumble. When talking to some of my clients, I realized this was a common complaint. Many clients disliked the fact that they had to re-apply every couple of hours. With my lipstick, you don’t have this problem.

    Our lipsticks are vegan-free. This is a major accomplishment for the beauty industry. To have a makeup line that is completely animal-free is a major step forward. Lime Crime is one of the only products, so far, that has this accomplishment.

    Leaping Bunny is hard certifier to go through. This stamp of approval is big.


    I would have to say Kimberly Gordon, without a doubt. She is the main person behind Wildfox. She started out about the same time I did. She has the same whimsy and passion I do. She translates that to her clothing line. She wants her line to be vintage, yet comfortable too. We both share this motto. Kimberly and I have been through lots of the same pressures; not to mention, highs and lows. We understand each other. There is a bond there. Unless you started out with us, you can never understand. She gets it.

    You can read the full interview here at: http://thestoryexchange.org/doe-deere/

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