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    Yeonmi Park is a very well known human rights activist, and it is little wonder why. Parks is a woman that has overcome much when it comes to her life and she is the poster child for equality in North Korea. Yeonmi Parks is a woman that was born in North Korea. Many people are not aware of the way that life is lead in North Korea, because they are a country that does all that they can to separate themselves from the rest of the world. Since that is the case they feel like they have the right to rule their citizens with an iron fist. They tell their citizens what to watch, how to live, what to sell, and how to worship. They are a country that does all that they can to keep strict watch over how their people do everything.

    When she was young Yeonmi saw nothing wrong with the way that her country did things. She was a happy child even though she was living a very restricted life. Her father was a government official, so she lived better off then other people. Later her father was accused of a crime against the government. He was sent to prison, and that is when the life of Yeonmi Park and her family totally changed. Yeonmi was forced to live a poor life, and it was almost impossible for her and her mother and sister to survive. Her father was released from prison because of a sickness, but their situation in North Korea did not get any better. Yeonmi’s father knew that he would have to get his family out of North Korea, so that became his goal. Yeonmi’s father was able to send Yeonmi and her mother through a human trafficker.

    Soon after his arrival, Yeonmis father past away of a disease. It was a very difficult time for Yeonmi and her mother. Through the help of some very good people Yeonmi and her mother were able to get to South Korea. In South Korea Yeonmi was able to live and thrive as an independent individual for the first time. She never imagined life could be that way. She was also able to reunite with her sister that had left some time before. Yeonmi has made it her life long goal to help other people that suffer human rights injustices. She wants them all to be able to live free and happy lives, and that is why she travels the world to defend human rights, and to raise awareness about human rights injustices that are still happening in the world today.

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  • On the journey Yeonmi’s mother was raped in front of her, and she witness other atrocities. When her and her mother arrived to China her dad was able to meet them there. There is actually a very nice way for them to help writing my paper which has become a headache to me all along.



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