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    ==Creating Wikipedia Pages==

    To create a Wikipedia page, is part of an innovative digital revolution in which most businesses and individuals are connected through an online platform of information. Almost everyone regardless of his or her profession has accessed Wikipedia at some point. Creating a Wikipedia page is a straightforward, fairly simple process of a few steps. First, a new user needs to set up an account and log in to Wikipedia. Once logged in, a creative title needs to be formulated and entered. Next, references should be listed in your article so that people will know where you received the information and how to further their research on the topic. You should also learn how to categorize your articles. Wiki articles need to be placed in the correct section for appropriate viewing. Finally, once you have finished writing your Wikipedia page, you should preview for errors. You can still make improvements after you submit.

    ==Editing Wikipedia Pages==

    Anyone can edit a Wikipedia page if they suspect erroneous information. Though, some wiki pages can be locked from editing. To edit information on the page, select the edit tab at the top of the page and enter the correct information in the edit box. You can perform a minor edit or a major edit depending upon the severity of the error. Before editing, especially major edits, you need to confirm with references that the new information is indeed factual. It is crucial to save your progress.


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    In developing wiki pages, pay attention to copyright laws, avoid marketing yourself for promotional benefits, and be sure to cite your references each time they are utilized.

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