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    Earlier this year, Organo Gold, announced that it was going to open a branch in Turkey. The news which first appeared in an article by the PR Newswire has not come as a surprise to many. The company, which has its headquarters in Vancouver, would not need to do much marketing of their product because it is said that the first coffee establishment in Turkey was opened over five centuries ago.

    The CEO has also pointed out the fact that Turkey is strategically positioned at the “centre” and could act as a hub for the company. Since most of the products that Organo Gold offers are beverages (especially coffee), this could mean huge growth for the company. The company’s Gourmet and Espresso lines will be on offer in the country. Paul Jarvis, who is the Regional VP of Europe, Africa and CIS, would fill the position of Manager of Operations Turkey. In this era and age, as people are seeking to eat healthy, it is obvious that the company will have a smooth process getting customers
    In late February, Organo Gold won two people’s choice awards at the Dangal ng Bayan Awards and the CEO was recognized as an Outstanding Global Entrepreneur for his work at the helm of the company. So who really is the man behind the blistering success and growth that the company has experienced?

    Bernardo T. Chua is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold and is from the Philippines. He has created a name for himself in the multi-level marketing sector after working in the field for a number of years and having producing exceptional results. He started out at Gano Excel as an executive working in his home country and under his management, the company expanded into three different countries. After the company had entered the U.S, he became President of the U.S division. Gano Excel was involved in marketing products that had ganoderma, a herb that is also contained in Organo Gold products.

    Though the company was started just seven years ago, Bernado has turned it into a worldwide success (39 countries) making millions in revenue per year.

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