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    A lot of mobile tech critics will argue that young children are too zoned into it that it causes or increases ADHD, and they believe parents should regulate their usage of it. But others have figured out ways to use that technology to capture young children’s attention while in the classroom including the founders of ClassDojo. ClassDojo is an app that works like a social media app, but all activities are classroom focused and include behavior point systems, class project feeds and open channels of communication.

    It was Sam Chaudhary and his partner Liam Don who brainstormed the idea for the app. They happened to visit a teacher’s forum and started bouncing ideas off the teachers in attendance there. They realized they didn’t need a real complex app with too many useless gizmos, but just an app that could the basic things that teachers needed to deliver their lectures more effectively. Each new version of the app they released had even more features that took into account customer feedback, and soon they had something similar to Facebook on the market, but with a very different philosophy.

    Unlike the controversy that’s surrounded Pinterest in the news recently, ClassDojo has never sold user data to any advertising firms or mining companies. They have never attempted to track users, and in fact some of the investor capital they’ve received has been used to increase privacy and security measures. The app integrates well with mobile device messaging systems, and parents love it because they can periodically check in to see how their children are doing in the class, or to hear what their teachers are saying. Administrator approval is not required to use the app, but many principals have decided to use it because it not only allows them to see how teachers are doing; it also has led to them doing away with the parent-teacher meetings because ClassDojo takes care of it for them.

    ClassDojo has always been free, a model that that Chaudhary and Don always want to keep. Their main goal is to make it user-friendly and not to flood their interface with ads, and they don’t use ads to promote it either. They believe in the power of user reviews and word of mouth to spread awareness of it, and their plans for bringing revenue from it will be adding optional premium features to it in later releases. For now though investors are not in any hurry to get their capital back.

  • 17Apr

    Run a successful Democratic campaign using the all new Digital 8 software by NGP VAN, which includes LGBTQ features. The new application is integrated with Pipeline for real-time transfer of database updates. It is easy to use the email tools to connect with supporters. The online tools will allow your campaign to operate more efficiently. Social tools will allow your campaign to easily reach more people.

    NGP VAN’s targeted Email through Digital 8 helps to raise money as well as quickly stimulate action. By creating an automated email selection, the program responds to specific condition such as emailing new subscribers to welcome them to the team. The automatically generated emails will allow supporters the opportunity to make a donation, sign up as a volunteer or join a mailing list with just one click of a button.

    NGP VAN’s online tools through Digital 8 give easy access to more than 59 million Action Profiles. This access will increase conversion rates with pre-filled forms based off of previous entries. An unlimited number of customizable forms can be created through the online tools. The forms can easily be created using the new Theme form wrappers. Use the templates to create the forms then adjust the requested amounts, add custom fields, and save the forms as needed. Supporters can use the self-service portal to update contact information, credit card information, and email preferences. The forms are compatible with mobile devices for added usability.


    NGP VAN’s social tools through Digital 8 will allow for easy tracking of supporters social influence. The tools will automatically match any listed email address with dozens of social network platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Messages can be individualized according to rank and measure their involvement across multiple channels. Supporters can share forms on social media and the Social Share Tracker will record the effect of the shares.

    NGP VAN is a company which offers tools and advice for running a successful Democratic campaign. They have helped to elect leaders in all 50 states by offering integrated technology to help with fundraisers, social networking, compliance, and more. The new Digital 8 will help by offering multiple services through one application. For a successful Democratic campaign, Digital 8 by NGP VAN has the services you need.

    Watch NGP VAN’s software tools on their Youtube channel:

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    Sean Penn was interviewed by Rolling Stone about his debut novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. He spoke about why he felt the need to write it and why he’s switched to a more isolated profession.

    Basic Plot of the Book

    “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” involves a depressed, older man named Bob. He feels unfulfilled during midlife. His dismal careers include dirty blue-collar jobs and assassination. He uses a mallet to execute the elderly to be exact. This and other fictional content in his book have caused quite a stir. Sean Penn explained that he understands that people can get confused and misinterpret. He believes that people have started to accept fiction or opinion as fact.

    Inspiration and Controversies

    He says writing his new book was the only humorous part of the whole process. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a quirky tale inspired by the strange times we’re all living in. He said he felt inspired to find something funny in the bleakness of it all.

    Certain character metaphors in “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” led the public to believe the author was speaking in code about the President of the United States. Sean Penn claims that it’s a temptation to make a comparison to our current leader. However, he never clarifies whether this character is actually a metaphor for Donald Trump. He does explain that the book is a fictional story inspired by the complex culture of the United States.

    “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” also caused an uproar over it’s mention of the #MeToo movement. Sean Penn feels that people have taken the quotes out of context. There’s a sheep mentality that causes people to seek safety in numbers and form opinions that aren’t based in fact. He explains that society’s apocalyptic views have caused reckless hatred and judgment.

    Sean Penn’s Transition from Filmmaking to Writing

    He was asked why he enjoys writing versus filmmaking these days. Sean Penn states that he likes to work independently and away from collaboration as much as possible. He finds freedom in it. He agreed there’s a feeling of peace in expressing his thoughts in this solitary manner. He enjoys it. When asked, Sean Penn says he does plan to continue writing more novels in the future.

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    About Jason Hope

    Jason Hope is a business mogul based in the State of Arizona. He enrolled at the State University of Arizona where he majored in Finance and later acquired an MBA from Arizona’s Carey School of Business. Jason has created several corporations including a mobile communications organization which was one of his very first projects. Jason Hope’s life is dedicated to three aspects that he is very passionate about. These are:


    Aging is often associated with illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, diseases of the heart and lungs, body weakness, as well as mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Most of these diseases come as a result of the deterioration of the body’s organs and the hormonal imbalance that aging brings forth. Most physicians look to treat these illnesses when they occur. Foundations like SENS have dedicated their resources to research aimed at finding ways to prevent these conditions from happening. Jason Hope is one of the investors who support the work done at the SENS Foundation. Jason believes that by investing in scientific research, creativity and innovation, the society and human existence will be made better. SENS is just one of the numerous scientific research organizations that have received donations from Jason Hope.


    Jason Hope has successfully created mobile apps, computer desktop software as well as software for mobile phones, gaming software, and other devices that play a major role in enhancing communication and interaction between human beings. As a futurist, Jason Hope is continuously looking into new forms of technology that would improve human life. He also offers advice to individuals and corporations on the different technological infrastructure advancements through very careful analysis and research. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging


    Every new business venture starts with an idea. However, implementing such ideas requires a thought out plan and goals as well as a huge sum of money in most cases. Having successfully launched some of the most booming businesses, Jason Hope offers startup companies and individuals with his input. He is continually investing money and moral support for beginner companies especially those in the technology field. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

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    Randy, J.D as he is also known, is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group LLC, an investment management firm which is based in New York City. In 1998, Fortress Investment Group was founded by Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman, and Wesley R. Edens as a private equity firm. Since then, it has rapidly expanded and has become a leading global investment management firm with the assets under management of $43.6 billion as of 31st December, 2017. The firm is traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: FIG).

    Randal Nardone Education and Work Experience

    At only 51 years of age, Mr. Randal Nardone is currently positioned number 557 on the world’s billionaires list, with a net worth of $ 1.8 billion.Randal holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Biology from Connecticut University as well as a Juris Doctor degree from Boston University, School of Law. Before he co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998, he had served in different firms where he gained his work experience. Some of these firms include, Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm where he served as a partner and a member, he also served as a principal at BlackRock Financial Management, and in 1997, he joined UBS as the Managing Director where he worked up to May 1998.Mr. Randal Nardone has held the leadership role at Fortress Investment Group as the Chief Executive Officer since August 2013 as well as a member of Management Committee at Fortress since 1998. Today, Randal oversees the Financial and legal matters of the company. Additionally, Mr. Nardone serves as the principal of the Credit Corporation, President of Ncs 1 Llc, Chairman, president of Springleaf Financial Holding LLC, Secretary and Vice President of the Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC and finally, he also serves as a director at Touch Care Holdings LLC.

    Working at the Fortress Investment Group

    Fortress Investment Group is an equal employer with the aim of employing competent job seekers. Therefore there is no discrimination in any way irrespective of anyone’s race, sex, religion or any other characteristic protected by law. At Fortress, the working environment is conducive thus offering a rewarding, challenging as well as exciting opportunities. Hardworking and dedicated employees are recognized and rewarded accordingly. The motivation is vital to working with a great and competent team, thus making Fortress remain the top-ranked highly diversified investment firm globally.

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    There are many food production companies I the world, few can compare to the longstanding champion of OSI Group. OSI Group has recently been named as one of the top 100 food production companies in the world. This is no small achievement. The company has achieved this measure of success by staying with their customer base and keeping ahead of their competition. The standards of production that they hold themselves to would be considered tough to meet for some companies, but OSI Group has made it their mission since the beginning to be the best. They value their customers’ safety and will stop at nothing to see them healthy and happy. The meat products that they produce feed more than half the world and they are increasing their production capacity every day.

    OSI Group started as a family business in 1909. A father opened a butcher shop and meat market in hopes of providing for his family. He wanted them to achieve the American Dream. More than a hundred years later, it is still dedicated to that father’s mission. OSI Group has grown to include multiple companies in the food production industry and they have production plants across the entire world. Their factories in Spain and Europe are some of the best facilities in the world and the largest factory can be found in Chicago. Recently, they have made renovations to many of the factories and the owners of their subsidiaries have stated that they are happy to be under the umbrella of OSI Group. The company is like a family.

    OSI Group is growing along with the demand for chicken, beef, and pork. These industries are growing in demand every year as the population of the word changes its diet. There are health concerns that cause people to change what they eat and OSI addresses the public by providing them with the proper nutrition they need. The public safety and health are OSI Group’s main concerns. They provide their products to clients in schools, hospitals, and fast food restaurants. The premium quality that they produce is reflected ion the steady growth of demand they see every year.

    OSI Group info: www.mapquest.com/us/illinois/osi-industries-llc-7716434

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    Peter Briger is the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Fortress Investment Group. Peter is ranked number three hundred and seventeen on the Forbes four hundred list. He has an estimated net worth of one and a half billion dollars. Fortress Investment Group had a public offering that allowed Peter Briger to become a billionaire. Briger is from New York. He his associates degree from the Princeton University, and studied Arts and Science while at Princeton. Briger got his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.Fortress Investment Group is an active asset management company.

    Wesley Edens and Michael Novogratz also became wealthy after the public offering of the Fortress Investment Group. Briger joined the firm four years after it was founded in 1998 by Wesley Edens,Robert Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. Edens was a former partner at the Investment bank Lehman Brothers, which no longer exists.The firm has private equity services, hedge fund services, and real estate management. These three divisions of the firm manage around forty three billion dollars. Kaufman and Nardone are wealthy, although they are not on the Forbes Billionaire list, since Fortress Investment Group is down since the public offering.

    Peter Briger worked at Goldman Sachs, and became a partner at the firm, before coming to Fortress Investment Group. He oversees the hybrid hedge fund of Fortress Investment Group. He is forty three years old, and is married with four children.Fortress Investment Group is one of the first alternative asset management companies to go public in the United States, and Peter Briger is credited with helping to make that happen. He learned a lot about Real Estate investing and trading while at Goldman Sachs, and this is partially what allowed him to take the Fortress Investment Group to a new level of success.Learn More.

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    The Chainsmokers consists of DJs Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. In the interview, the duo discuss their rise to fame, how they met, and more importantly how they want to push the boundaries of what an EDM artist can do to create an unique identity. The interview was released right after “Closer” was released. This song is different than their other hits such as “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses”, because it features Taggart singing.

    This is something that is not common in EDM music, but shows how the Chainsmokers have become an unique act in a field that lacks diversity.

    Alex Pall explains that the met in New York, when a friend explained that the two would likely get along. Taggart went to Syracuse and came from NY City to meet Pall.

    Both had gotten into DJing because of its growing popularity, and the access to the scene that it provided. After meeting, the two connected, and decided to begin working on music together by the next day. After tirelessly playing in bars and music scenes throughout the city, the two began to gain national, and then worldwide recognition with their hit selfie. Pall says that the problem however, was that the two wanted to create an identity and blur the lines between multiple genres. Their first hit, #selfie, was not anything unique, and either was their next two hits “Roses”, and “Don’t Let Me Down.” Both songs were hits, but did not stand out, or express the identity of the two as anything out of the ordinary.

    The two wrote “Closer” along with the singer Halsey, with the idea to not only help write the lyrics but for Taggart to sing in it as well. Closer was about Taggart’s reflection of society, and his college years. He was from Maine, and went to a school with wealthy, superficial girls. He wanted to tell his story and express his voice through this song. This song would go on to be a large hit, and in many ways the chainsmokers


  • 30Mar

    Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are a production duo, called The Chainsmokers. They have been climbing their way to the top very quickly. With their number one song “Closer”, reaching the top of the billboard chart for 12 weeks and multiple other songs also reaching for the stars. The Chainsmokers have broken many records and now they have a message for the people in their generation, including the younger ones who feel that their social media platforms are the most important things, with their new single “Sick boy”.

    The Chainsmokers reflect their frustration involving today’s society that gives social media complete importance above all other things. This generation engorges themselves in multiple social outlets, they even try to create jobs with them. Their music is relatable and mirrors how they feel. “Sick Boy” is a little darker than their usual musical tones, but as Taggart said in a Forbs interview, “I think that’s the tone of society right now.”

    “How many likes is my life worth?”

    The Chainsmokers are addressing the implications that social media has on us. They express to us, through their song, how much we feel the need to be liked by others and how many likes we need to feel a sense of acceptance. Unfortunately, we place ourselves in that situation, only to find out the feeling is not liberating. Their message is strong and could ultimately be a big risk for their career, but they are ready to accept the judgment that they may receive. Regardless, The Chainsmokers are voicing their opinions through their music, and they are grateful to see their single is receiving so much love and support from their fans. The song has already reached the top 100 on the US Billboard and at the top of radio lists in multiple countries all over the world.


  • 22Mar

    The Brown Modelling Agency was founded in 2010. The CEO is Justin Brown. His brand is one of the most respected agency for models. It’s one of the only agencies in Austin Texas that is full-service. Brown Agency also hires actors.


    The companies Brown Agency works with are Loreal, Dell, Toyota, and Louis Vuitton. These are just a few of the clients they serve. They find pride in only hiring the best models for the best companies. Over 450 models and actors have been with them since 2015. There is always a flow of potential models, since Brown Agency holds open calls every Thursday. The talents they hire work in commercials, film, theater, print, and runway shows. The kind of people they look for varies from city to city. Sometimes Brown Agency wants more eccentric people, and sometimes they’re searching for a more conservative look. The stylists and photographers they employ make sure the look is perfect every time.


    In 2015 Wilhelmina Models Network was merged with Brown Modelling Agency. This recent decision led them to grow quickly in their industry. It was the best option for them. Not only did they bring experts together, but they brought talents together to grow and prosper. They say they’re only as good as their talent. They want professional and beautiful people to represent them. The merger gives the models and actors a better portfolio. That leads to a better career.

    The actors and models they choose go through a process. They learn what working in the business is like. They travel and learn the people of the business and what is expected of them. This kind of training leads to a better success rate. Especially since many of the talents are very young.

    Justin Brown says he loves to be centered in Austin. It’s got a cool vibe. They only compete with a few other agencies in Texas. This is a consequence of the business merger.

    Austin is quickly growing and changing. Brown Agency now hires mostly local talent, but thinks on a more global scale. The old days are over. They’re moving in the right direction. They now have offices located in Dallas, Austin, and Canada. They’re growing fast and don’t plan on stopping. You can visit their Instagram page.














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