• 29Nov

    College football is one of the most popular sports in America today. Every weekend, millions of people tune in to watch their favorite team play. One of the biggest reasons for the rise in betting is the growth of this sport. Betting on college football is fun for a variety of reasons. Not only can you make money, but it makes the games more interesting as well. Over the long term, this can help you become more interested in the sport and make a little money on the side as well. If you want to start learning how to bet, covers.com is a great website for that. This is a site that will explain every process of betting to you, from the beginning to the end: http://www.covers.com


    There are a lot of factors to consider before placing a bet on a game. A lot of people are wanting to know more about their team, and this is a great way to get started. Before placing any bet, it is always a good idea to do some research on the front end. No one was ever hurt by taking some extra time to study the bets before placing them. A lot of people get into trouble by trying to bet too much money at one time. Over the long term, it is important to find a balance that makes the most sense in your current situation. If you want to start investing for your future, you need to make sure you have a plan in place to do so.

    Choosing a Game

    When it comes to betting on college football, covers.com recommends that you stay away from betting on your favorite team. Whether you realize it or not, everyone is biased in their own way when it comes to their own team. It is never a good idea to bet on emotion, or just based on a hunch that you think will come true. A lot of people end up losing money that way. Over the long term, the people who succeed in betting on college football are those who are conservative and conduct research in an intelligent way. It is important to start investing in areas that you think can yield a positive return for you. Covers.com is a great site to learn all of the basics about this process, especially if you want to invest in gambling for the long term.

  • 24Nov

    For people that are interested in getting started with their own online reputation management efforts, it is important that they take some steps. One of the most important steps that they take is that they know their own reputation. For one thing, it is hard to start with a project if they don’t even know where they are and where they are going. Experts from onlinereputationreviews.com says this is one of the reasons that it is important for one to know his own reputation. One thing that could be said is that it is a bit trickier than some would think. While the sales and the interactions can give a clue to the online reputation of the individual or business, it is important for people to know their reputation because they will have a better time knowing the actual problem and finding a solution.

    While many people do know the problem, they don’t know the source of the problem. When it comes to online business and reputation, it is almost impossible to find out the reputation without some kind of tool to help things. However, they can also hire the help of an online reputation management company. These professionals know how to assess the reputation of their clients. After the assessment, they will come up with a plan of moving forward.

    The moving forward part is where people have to replace all of the bad news with positive news. This is where it is the most involved. For one thing, they have to change a few things within their company in most cases. They have to figure out what aspects of their behavior may have triggered this. One thing needs to be made clear, not all scandals are the result of the wrongdoing of the client. There are also people who want to start trouble with people.


  • 04Nov

    Recent sales figures show that EOS is the second-best selling lip balm on the market today, ranking above the well-known Chapstick brand that so many have used and loved for so long. Sales records aren’t necessary to understand the love that the world has found for the EOS brand. Selling one-million lip balms per week and surpassing a name like Chapstick is definitely big news, but being the brand saw in the hands of celebrities like Kim K and Miley Cyrus is truly the point in which you know that you’ve found success.

    How did EOS lip balm, in just seven short years of existence, surpass the brand that so many trust for their lip care? For most, the answer to this question isn’t very surprising. As more concern over the ingredients found in skin care and health care products rises, more consumers are searching for natural products that alleviate the worry and provide them with the care they seek. EOS lip balm focuses on using only the best natural ingredients that nature has to offer, enhancing those ingredients only with enjoyable flavors. The result of this lip balm is a set of lips that look and feel great all year long. For more information, visit theluckyvitamin website and the company’s Linked In page.


  • 02Nov

    The corporate world experiences a lot of challenges. Getting honest employees who have ethical integrity is not a walk in the park. People who get employed have a difficult time resisting the temptation to take something from the company and keep it for them. Blaming other people for this mistake is also hard to avoid, and this ends up bringing unfairness and corruption in the industry. It is a fact that we all want, to be honest people who are on the right side of the law. However, staying on the right side of the law and doing the right things is not always easy. The most affected area is the finance and business industry. Getting an individual who meets these standards is very difficult. However, Helane has proved that is actually possible to uphold ethical standards in the industry.


    For several years now, Helane has worked tirelessly to ensure that sanity is returned in the corporate world. She started working in the journalism industry where she also worked to meet the ethical standards, always trying to stand for the right things. After several years, she moved to work in the government. To get a position in the government, one has to prove that they are ethical and that they are educated and qualified enough to handle big challenges in the country. This sector is also the most affected by corruption. Helane Morrison has ensured that the corrupt people in this industry are punished and that there are no more cases of corruption. She has ensured that the people who are wrongly accused get justice through the right channels.


    The finance sector is the most affected by corruption and unethical behavior. It is difficult to hire people who ensure that they do not steal money from the companies and then blame it on other innocent people. This is mostly as a result of poor wages or poor management that does not have the right policies to ensure that the corrupt people are not entertained by the companies. One of Helene’s greatest dreams is to ensure that all the corrupt management individuals are not allowed in the running of the company.

    She works as the administration officer in the government, and it is her dream that one day the world will be corrupt free. She is among the best individuals making a difference in the corporate world, and she has made it clear that women have the power to survive in the male-dominated careers and do better than men.



  • 31Oct

    Over 100 of London’s leading Livery companies were recently welcomed at an event at Vintners Hall. Attending were the Wardens and Clerks of London’s livery companies, and there was a tremendous showcases and spectacle for Vintners Hall. Searcy’s served up a range of high end food including smoked eel croquettes, salad, proseciutto ham and Tietar cheese. Foie gras, white chocolate and truffle buttons were also available.

    Vintners Hall (http://www.vintnershall.co.uk/) has been lauded for its quality and also flexibility regarding scheduling, and this has been noted by companies. For example, a spirits company noted that Vintners Hall did a great job with event hosting and also that they were creative and innovative regarding the hosting.

    Searcys lauded the Livery company event, and said they received positive feedback and a variety of enquiries. The catering was described as unique, and said that this put Vintners over the top when compared to other caterers.

    A management consultant society also gave Vintners accolades, saying that the Hall gave a sense of grandeur to any event. They were noted for their excellence of service.

    The Vintners Company is one of the Twelve Great Companies of the city of London, and is of course one of the UK Vintners. This company is an important part of the history of Vintners in the UK, and received its first charter in 1363. It of course has strong links with the UK wine trade, and UK Vintners in general.

    A new Charter gave the company permission to setup the Wine Standards Board, in order to enforce wine laws. UK Vintners must abide by the wine laws, though now the Food Standards Agency enforces these. In any case, Vintners in the UK have an agency overseeing them that in effect makes them adhere to certain standards. Vintners in the UK therefore are a well regulated industry, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.

  • 27Oct

    Nathaniel Ru is a former Georgetown student that is certainly making his alma mater proud. He has presented Sweetgreen to a portion of the world, and lots of other people are interested in investing in what he has brought forth. Ru didn’t do it on his own; there were other co-founders that helped him carve this plan out for a healthy food restaurant. Jammet and Newman – the business partners of Ru – are also former Georgetown students that are showing the world that healthy food is cool. It is no incident that there are so many people that are praising this brand of healthy eating. This is food that is showing up everywhere.


    Food from Sweetgreen is showing up at in schools. Theyouth of the day are picking this as the food that they bring to music festivals. Sweetgreen catering is taking a big front seat in the office workplace as well. All of these things have made it possible for more people to get exposed to this fresh food quicker. The restaurants in Boston, Philly and Los Angeles are a clear sign that people are interested in seeing more of what Nathaniel Ru can do. The investors love this because there is a lot of profit to be made with a company like this. Customers are finding that they can get a healthy meal for about the same price as they would pay for burgers and fries. This restaurant chain is only in about 10 cities with 40 restaurants in these metropolitan areas, but the expansion is coming.


    People are crazy about Sweetgreen, and the buzz is spreading like wildfire among the youth. That is what happens when there are salads called “Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe.” Kendrick Lamar would appreciate the humor in this. That is what people can find when they attend the Sweetgreen music festival called SweetLife. It is another way for consumers to get a chance to combine good music and good food. This is one of the best possible methods for getting the youth to notice the healthy alternative that is known as Sweetgreen.


    The world has not abandoned the artery clogging foods just yet. There are millions of people that have never heard of Sweetgreen. Fortunately, the $98 million that has been raised through venture capitalist contributions is bound to make more people recognize what Sweetgreen has to offer over the competition.


  • 26Oct

    Livio's New Hippeas Organic SnackLivio Bisterzo and his team at Green Park Brands set out to create a snack that would be better for the consumer. They went further than the boundaries they had earlier set. This gave birth to their new product, Hippeas, which is unrefined chickpea puffs, which are gluten-free, vegan, 100 calories in every pack, kosher, great source of fiber and with 3 grams of protein. Bisterzo explains that the company went the extra mile in bringing a snack that delivers on taste and also meets the needs of a socially and health-conscious millennials. Hippeas is the latest entrant into the Starbucks assortment products of grab-and-go snacks. It is available in two varieties – Vegan White Cheddar and Far Out Fajita – which are available in over 7,500 Starbucks locations spread all over the U.S.

    Company Spotlight: Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs

    Bisterzo has experience in the health food industry, having been in it for the last seven years. In May 2015, Bisterzo teamed up with a company that deals in food innovation to come up with Hippeas. Together, they did several consumer testing and product development that finally gave birth to the new finished product. They started with the chick pea as the major ingredient and worked extremely hard in order to get the right texture, bite, taste and shape. They aimed at creating a product that did not go away from what customers expected and would be proud to pick from the shelves themselves.

    About Livio

    Livio Bisterzo is an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. He is of Italian descent and married with three children. He moved to the UK in 1999 when he was 18 years old to study at the London University of the Arts. He started out his entrepreneurial venture back in 2003 by forming an events business. He then increased his business collection ranging from client products and hospitality, and other lifestyle-based businesses.

    Bisterzo moved to Los Angeles in 2016 with his family. Last year, he founded the Green Park Holdings, a food innovation company that targeted the rapid growing nutrition and health sector through its innovative multichannel drinks and food brands. The company seeks to offer snacks that have a natural proposition, thereby creating a lasting impact socially and prompting cultural and behavioral change. HIPPEAS believes in offering a snack that will both taste good and also do well to its customers. For each pack of HIPPEAS sold, some money will assist in improving the lives of the Eastern African farmers.

    Learn more about how Hippeas benefit chickpea farmers in Africa

  • 23Oct

    In one of their recipe videos, YouTube star, lifestyle guru, and motivational speaker Markus Rothkranz’s partner Cara Brotman shows viewers how to make a healthy substitute for naan bread. The recipe is raw, vegan, and wheat-free.

    She uses finely minced garlic, parsley, and onion. She also uses pepper, sea salt, thyme, and olive oil. The main ingredient for the bread is coconut meat. Cara says you can either buy a whole young Thai coconut and cut out the meat yourself, or buy the meat from the store. First she puts the coconut meat, a bit of onion, and some water into the blender. She then blends those three ingredients until they are just smooth.

    Next Cara lightly oils a dehydrator sheet. She then spreads the naan batter onto the sheet in a medium thick layer. Then she tops the bread with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, onion, thyme, and parsley. Cara puts the bread into the dehydrator for around two hours, then takes it out, flips it over, and puts it back into the dehydrator for another two and a half to three hours.

    She emphasizes all the health benefits of this recipe. Unlike other breads, it does not contain wheat or gluten, nor does it have any added sugar. The naan is also dairy-free and vegan. It uses only raw ingredients. Finally, it is good for you because it is not heated to a high temperature that would “kill” the food. The video ends with Cara talking about her and Markus’ cookbook that features the naan recipe.

  • 22Oct

    If you were to ask someone what Magnises could do for you, the answer would be numerous things. Above all, it can help you build the perfect network. Building a social network can help you build your self-esteem as you make friends, but in time you can also build some of your professional network. Above all, Magnises is all about improving your way of life and the membership improves your quality of life.

    Magnises will open doors for you that you never knew existed. In 2014, this was exactly what Bill McFarland wanted to do for the young professionals crowd. The membership simple, and it will encourage you to get your little black card so you can start living the life you’ve always dreamed of. The goal of the card was to give young professional a “private club” type of network, that would give them first dibs on special events in the largest cities on angel.co. The card offers discounts at bars, restaurants, night clubs, private concerts, and even the most luxurious getaways.

    There are numerous benefits of the “little black card”, but the card can also be linked up to your bank account or even a credit in order to help you pay your way when needed. Millennials are the biggest investment for businesses, and this membership is the hot item for the young professionals crowd. Macfarland hit a homerun with the Magnises membership, but he also knew that the ability to tie it to a debit card would make it ideal for the nightlife.

    What if you get into a private fashion show in NYC? You can do this with the black card from Magnises. It has never been easier to create your social network offline on Crunchbase with the help of Magnises and the benefit they give you. You will quickly become the envy of your peers, and they’ll be asking you how they can get their hands on it. This is when millennial will see that their well-paying job isn’t enough to help them get the social status they desire. Regardless of your job, you’ll already know what shows you can attend, what theaters you can get a discount at, and private concerts and other events.

    Your demanding career will no longer hold you back when you have a Magnises membership. You’ll be able to plan that luxurious vacation you’ve always wanted with a little help from your friends at Magnises too. You’ll be able to access the best pricing and the best times to get away when you get your little black card.

    Are you ready to tap into culture, make new friends, and level-up your social network offline? With a hot, private club like Magnises you’ll be in the know and start living life to its fullest.

  • 17Oct

    A GSM phone has the capability of receiving a sim card to be used with any carrier as long as the sim card is for that particular carrier. There are many carriers in the USA that use GSM phones, such as T-Mobile, AT&T, and FreedomPop now uses these phones as well. Before the GSM phones were used on the FreedomPop network, only CDMA phones that came from Sprint were able to be used with FreedomPop, but thankfully, the company saw that this was not good enough. Although Sprint has a lot of customers, especially some that may want to switch over to FreedomPop, there are still many GSM customers as well.

    Those who use a GSM phone can choose to make a purchase to buy a phone from FreedomPop in a retail store or on the FreedomPop website, or they can always have their phone unlocked to work with FreedomPop. Once a phone is usable on the FreedomPop network, it’s necessary to purchase the sim card of that FreedomPop offers. The 3-in-1 sim card from FreedomPop is great in the fact that it allows for usage of the sim card in any sim slot size and only needs to be taken apart for the exact size sim slot that is being used.

    Since a lot of different phones can be used on the FreedomPop network, this means that there may be different sized sim cards that are needed for a particular phone, so having the 3-in-1 sim card from FreedomPop makes it a lot easier, especially if a person isn’t too sure about what size sim card they’ll require for their particular phone. Setting up a phone is easy as well and only requires getting the sim card and activating it. It’s also important to choose a phone plan, and there are several plans available on the FreedomPop network.

    Those who choose the free plan will be able to enjoy 200 minutes of talk time along with 500 text messages and 200 MB of data. Anyone who wants to extend their data up to 700 MB can do so if they add 10 FreedomPop friends to their account. Those choosing the unlimited plan will not have to worry about going over their minutes or text messages, but the user will have to choose their data limits, and they can add additional data whenever they want to.

    Reference Link: http://www.cranialborborygmus.com/freedompop-gsm-sim-review.htm


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