• 16Oct

    The things that are going on in the country are evidence that we have been set back many years regarding freedom and liberty. Only last year, we celebrated Love wins across the country, women could access family planning methods such as abortions, and nobody felt the need to keep advocating for racist groups such as white supremacists. Well, a few days ago, white supremacists reappeared in Charlottesville, a city that has been in the headlines over racial tensions. It is the same city where anti-racism protests were held, and a vehicle rammed into a group of peaceful protestors. Conspiracy theorists claim that George Soros was involved in the protests and learn more about George Soros.

    While the accusation is wild, untrue and uncalled for, it is easy to understand why someone would pick on Soros to blame for the accident. George is one of the few billionaires who has dedicated a huge sum of their wealth towards helping correct the things which are wrong with the society. Since he established the Soros Foundation, he has donated more than $6 billion to various causes across the country and the globe. For instance, in 2014, he was involved in the funding of the buses which ferried protestors to Ferguson for the week-long protests and read full article.

    George has also been deeply invested in politics. This is because he believes that one of the easiest ways to make a sensible change in the society is by simply creating governance systems which support progressive ideas. He has always liked the Liberals because of their progressive ideas and George Soros lacrosse camp. On the issue of Trump and the Conservatives, Soros has made it clear that the types of politics played by the party will bring more harm than good to the nation. So far, the reality is sinking because, after the Charlottesville protests, White Supremacists have taken to the streets several times to demand that the status quo which recognized the superiority of white people remains and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

    Soros once funded a Liberal candidate to vie against Bush. It was after the loss of life and crisis which followed the invasion of Afghanistan. When Kerry lost that election in 2004, Soros dialed back and concentrated on his businesses. It was only in 2015 that he decided to get back into funding and financing politics. He supported Hillary’s candidature and contributed more than $20 million to the same. The fact that Hillary lost has been a little tough on him, primarily because of the endless Trump drama. However, Soros feels that the best way to deal with Trump and the liberals, in general, is to keep them on their toes at all times and make sure that they are not overstepping the boundaries. Soros is a real inspiration to many and and Follow him Twitter.com.

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  • 04Oct

    The Chief Investment Officer and Founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, SahmAdrangi, has gathered up an approximate of $100 million from different investors with an objective of using it to bet against a single stock. This is as informed by an individual who is well conversant with the situation. This new co-investment fund by Kerrisdale happens to be the very first of its nature. It is a common occurrence for fund managers to raise money to work on investment strategies such as recovering securities that are backed by mortgages, or recovering energy companies in distress. But unlike these common occurrences, Kerrisdale is planning to use its funds to kick-start the supply of an upcoming public company.The investors received an email from Adrangi, stating that their company had managed to raise a significant amount of money within a short time, they had already acquired a connection to the community at large. He continued to say that they have taken a corporation worth $10 billion and managed to convince everyone about its insights. With the assistance of an analyst at Kerrisdale, Shane Wilson, Adrangi is working on a website, video, and report, all aimed at convincing more numbers on the company’s objective.As the information was not supposed to be released to the public, the person who spoke asked for his identity to remain hidden. It was stated that the target company was to be unleashed around mid-May. The anonymous person continued to state that the fund has started purchasing stocks to build a firm position in the untitled company.

    About SahmAdrangi

    SahmAdrangi has been actively involved in the development of the Kerrisdale Capital Management since founding it in 2009. He became popular from discovering and exposing counterfeit Chinese companies. Some of these exposed fraudulent companies have since then become the subject of the topic to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Adrangi started his career at Deutsche Bank in a finance investment banking group. Also, in the Longacre Management, a multi-billion dollar debt hedge fund, he frequently served as an analyst. He studied at Yale University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

  • 03Oct

    Whitney Wolfe, the CEO and founder of Bumble, recently got married to Michael Herd, an oil heir from Texas, at the Villa Tre Ville in Positano in Italy.

    Wolfe founded Bumble, a dating app that only allows women to begin conversations with men they are interested in to protect them from harassment online, and it was only fitting for the 28-year-old who has helped so many people find their life partners to have a romantic wedding of her own.

    The philosophy of having only women approach the other person in a conversation was a fantastic idea that got viral really fast. Being one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the dating applications business, Whitney Wolfe is regarded as the founder of one of the most popular dating apps ever created.

    Because it is the girl who contacts the guy and not the contrary, Bumble is famous for not having the same problems with the other dating apps: Harassment. If you get a match with someone you liked, for example, the conversation must come from the lady.

    Being the personality behind such a glamorous app, it was only fair that the wedding ceremony of Whitney Wolfe would be so memorable.

    Wolfe and Herd tied the knot in a candle-lit villa on the idyllic Amalfi coast of Italy. Wolfe looked resplendent in the Oscar de la Renta gown she wore for the momentous occasion and later changed into a cream-colored slip dress for an evening reception at a venue surrounded by lemon trees. The couple selected a colossal wedding cake that comprised just a single tier and was decorated with fresh fruits on top to round off the celebrations.

    Whitney Wolfe, an alumna of the Southern Methodist University, launched Bumble in 2014 with the aim of helping women take greater control of their dating lives. Bumble later expanded its services to include the ability not just to fix dates, but to find friends as well, by introducing its BFF feature. When selected, the user’s profile is no longer displayed on the dating side of the app so that she can focus on finding friends in new cities she plans to visit, for example. For more info about us: https://www.sxsw.com/speaker/whitney-wolfe/ click here.

    In 2016, Bumble launched Bumble BIZZ, a career networking app to rival established giants such as LinkedIn. This helps women find jobs and projects as well, which completes Bumble’s vision of a futuristic platform that encourages positive connections in love, friendship, and business. The Austin-based company has helped revolutionize meaningful match-making by focusing on a “ladies first” approach.

  • 02Oct

    The political action committee of End Citizens United as formed a couple of years ago and since then the group has become one of the most talked about PACs in the United States of America.

    Two years ago, the Supreme Court made the decisions Citizens United. The political group had the mission of making its name a reality. End Citizens United has been extremely active since it as formed back in 2015. The political group achieved about 35 000 signatures in the first few months of its existence. Although the amendment to revoke the decision of the Supreme Court was not passed, End Citizens United is still fighting for its values and beliefs.

    The leader of the End Citizens United is Tiffany Muller. She is at the positions of President as well as Executive Director of the political action group. During her first cycle as the leader of the action group, Tiffany Muller helped the group grow nationwide with over three million members who raised over 25 million dollars. Tiffany Muller has a long history of leadership as well as raising awareness. She has dedicated her life to fighting against discrimination of the LGBT community members.

    Despite the fact that an amendment has not been passed since the ears of 1992, the supporters of the End Citizens United political action group believe that the change can be made and that the group is capable of completing its mission. Meanwhile, End Citizens United is giving it their all. The team is quite resourceful, and it does not shy away from ad pipelines as a way of raising awareness and money. So far, End Citizens United has utilized pipelines such as physical and digital advertisement such as physical mail and e-mail, ads in newspapers, magazines as well as on websites and other news outlets. End Citizens United is also using TV ads and podcast advertisement.

    End Citizens United Is also showcasing their support for political candidates and are raising money for their political campaign as well. In 2015, End Citizens United announced their support for 11 Republican candidates. The latest news about End Citizens United is that the committee will have collected well over 35 million dollars by 2018 and the midterm elections for Congress next year. At the beginning of 2017, End Citizens United increased their efforts. After the first three months of 2017, it was announced that about 100 000 people had made a donation to the group of End Citizens United.

    The future is bright for this political action group. Many believe that the group will achieve its mission and that drives more contributors to the team. One of the things that have been recognized about End Citizens United is that the group served to create communication between the public and he Supreme Court.

  • 18Sep

    For over 100 years, OSI Industries have excelled in global distribution and production of foods. It is a premier distributor and provider of food for leading brands worldwide. Consistency, dedication to customer service, innovation, value consciousness and allegiance to quality have shaped the company’s success.

    OSI group has branches in America, Europe, and Asia with the main office in Aurora, Illinois. The company produces and supplies fresh vegetables, meats and value-added products such as sausages, meatballs, hamburgers and baked goods. OSI runs over 50 facilities located in more than 17 countries. The global networks enable them to provide products and services to a wider market in a localized manner.

    The current OSI president is pushing growth in sales, market, and products. The product development arm of the company partners with clients to produce products that can grow both businesses. They offer customers a mechanism to get their desired products including organic foods and select premium products. OSI industries endeavors to produce food that is healthy and tasty. The leadership consistently create opportunities for the company to grow, improve and increase their product offerings and increase their significance and influence to customers.

    OSI employ partnerships, joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions to increase their presence and products. The company purchased a Chicago based former Tyson Food plant at 7.4 million to enhance its production capacity. In 2016, OSI also acquired Flagship Europe that provides products such as Frozen Poultry, sauces, dips and marinades. The transaction increased its product portfolio and global presence as well as its ability to reach the ever-changing consumer needs. Flagship Europe also supports their processing efforts. Another strategic acquisition the European market is that of Baho Food, a manufacturer of snacks, convenience foods and meats. The company served 18 European nations through its subsidiaries. OSI also owns processing plants in Poland and Hungary. In 2017, OSI took over Hynek Schlachthof Gmbh a German based meat business.

    In the mid-1990s the company ventured into South Asia. OSI initially partnered with Vista Processed Food, a renowned supplier in India. By 2012, it had opened a frozen vegetables processing plant in Madanapalle, India. A second plant was opened in Punjab to serve more customers in India and other neighboring clients. Through the plants, OSI has contributed significantly to farming activities in India. OSI also runs a joint venture with Philippines based company, GenOsi.

    OSI Industries is a recipient of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certifications for its facilities. The company has also received several awards including the 2016 Globe of Honor Award. For now, OSI Industries is determined to meet diverse customer needs all over the globe.

  • 12Sep

    Succeeding in business and entrepreneurship entails various vicissitudes, which shape a person’s perspective on things in addition to acting as a source of experience in decision making. Todd Lubar is no different and has gone through several challenging moments in his journey of becoming a successful businessperson. Todd went through a dazzling life story, which has taken him to turn into a reputed President at the TDL Global Ventures. At the entity, Todd Lubar leads an expertly trained, qualified and experienced team of market professionals benefiting from a wide range of clients who are sufficiently satisfied with the firm’s services. For more details visit crunchbase



    In his career debut, Todd Lubar worked with Crestar Mortgage Corporation just after graduating from the college. He served at the company for four years and proceeded to Legacy Financial Group in 1999, which was located in Arlington, Texas. During his time at the company, Todd Lubar enabled the entity to grow their Maryland office into an employment-generating platform resulting in increased loan volume manually. Todd Lubar worked with Legacy Financial Group until 2005, when he decided to skyrocket his career and accepted an appointment by Charter Funding, which is one of the successful divisions of Magnus Financial Corporation, to serve as the senior vice president.


    Among Todd Lubar’s most impressive skills is mortgage banking. However, he additionally holds successful portfolios in various other industries, which includes a recycling business, a nightclub, a demolition firm as well as a significant involvement in the realty development sector. Todd also serves as the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. He is a profoundly accomplished entrepreneur and businessperson who has for a long time been helping people achieve their dreams by making them homeowners. He has more than 20 years of working experience in the real estate sector.


    Todd Lubar has been listed as one of the best and successful 25 mortgage originators for several years. In addition to the realty industry, Todd Lubar has been actively involved in other sectors, including the entertainment industry, construction, and mortgage-banking sector. In 1995, Todd Lubar completed his undergraduate studies at the prestigious Syracuse University from where he finished his course magna cum laude to graduate with a bachelor of arts in speech communication. Todd Lubar credits his accomplishment to hard work and the sufficient comprehension of the business world.




    See more: https://ideamensch.com/todd-lubar/

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    For many entrepreneurs, it takes time before they are able to profit from all of the owrk they put into their business or activities. Greg Secker himself has stated that it took a little bit of time before he began to make money. He was making a decent amount of money within 6 months of time. For some people who are not entrepreneurs, it may seem like a long time to wait. However, people that have earned their money as entrepreneurs see it as very fortunate. Often times, people take more than a couple of months to earn. Some people may take years before they finally profit.

    One of the reasons that Greg Secker was able to profit in such a short amount of time is that he got involved in the Forex trading activities. One of the main draws behind Forex trading is that people are given the potential of making tons of money in a short amount of time. They don’t have to put forward that much money in order to trade something that can bring them a fortune in profits. The only thing is that people are not going to be able to do it without a certain type of knowledge which Greg Secker is fortunately able to provide.

    Given that Greg sees a lot of advantages in Forex trading, he wants people to enjoy the markets. However, it can be very hard for people to get started on trading. Therefore, Greg Secker has set up a foundation that can help people get started in Forex trading. They get to learn about the principles behind trading and all of the different currencies they can choose from. They will also be able to explore different methods that have worked for traders until they can find one they are most comfortable with.


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    It is not unusual to see famous faces acting as spokespeople for national brands. Advertising departments understand their appeal to the population and appreciate the influence they have over their fan base. However, it is unusual when the spokesperson is not just the face or voice of the company but an important member of the corporate team. That is the relationship between Kate Hudson and Fabletics.


    Keeping it Unique


    This is not the only thing that is unique about this brand. They are a company that has worked hard to be different in order to provide their customers with a better shopping experience. Fabletics has built their business on offering athletic clothing that looks as good in the gym as it does while running errands. The individual pieces are selected to fit perfectly into their “athleisure” line. They understood that most women need clothing that can do double-duty because there is not always enough time to change before the next appointment.


    Changing Marketing Plans


    The company has also shaken up the advertising world by choosing a very different path for marketing. Fabletics did not want to tell the world they were the best. They realized that having their customers do that would be more influential to prospective shoppers. This belief fits in perfectly with a modern online society. Studies found that the majority of people today rely on and trust online reviews as much as the opinions of their friends and family. Using reviews on their social media platforms and their own website makes it very easy for new shoppers to understand exactly what to expect from the company.


    Maintaining the Relationship


    Fabletics has leaped ahead of expectations and continues to grow. Hudson, an actual wearer, and fan of the clothing they offer have never dimmed in her enthusiasm for staying involved with the company and their direction. She remains dedicated to her craft as an actress first but still remains as a valuable member of the team.


    Kate Hudson was the perfect choice as a partner and a spokesperson for the Fabletics brand. She is a clear example of the customer the company was attempting to reach and help. Hudson has a busy career, children, and an active lifestyle. Her choice to become involved happened because she saw the value in what they had to offer. It is why she remains with the company and why she personally continues to wear the clothes as well.

  • 09Sep

    For those who are dog lovers, feeding your dog the very best in foods can be frustrating. Stores that sell dog related products to dog lovers can have outrageous prices, but Walmart outshines them all.

    Walmart offers the widest selection of dog foods, and Beneful is one of its best sellers. Just about every style and flavor can be found here such as Beneful’s Incredible Bites, Original (Dry) Beef, Healthy Weight With Chicken and many more. Shoppers online can even get two day shipping if spending over $35. Whatever your needs may be whether it’s for dry or wet dog foods, it’s found here.

    Walmart offers store pickup options and you can checkout at your nearest Walmart location. Every formulated ingredient is found here. Beef, real salmon, chicken, and many more. Purina Beneful is definitely one of the best brands on the market today, and it’s found exclusively at your local Walmart.

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    Seattle Genetics has for quite a while been known as a goliath biotechnology organization. The organization concentrates on commercialization and advancement of growth treatment strategies. Dr. Clay B. Siegall has been the CEO of the organization since 2004. He helped to establish the organization in 1998 where he filled in as the organization executive. Under his administration as Chairman of Board and all the more so as CEO, Seattle hereditary qualities has developed to manufacture a colossal scope of antibodies for malignancy treatment.

    Adcetris is the principle pipeline item sold by the organization. The item was affirmed in August 2011. It today offers in a few sections of the world, for example, the United States, the EU, Canada and Japan. For a long time now, the organization has assumed a lead part in research of tumor treatmentproducts. This has seen the organization join with a few vital licenses, for example, ADC innovation.

    Seattle Genetics has gotten gigantic financing since it was begun. The primary open organization offering made by the organization was done in 2001. Dr. Dirt Siegall has since occupied with different raising support exercises for the organization. Today, he has secured near $675 million regarding subsidizing for the organization. He runs a group of exceptionally prepared experts in the disease research and treatment territory.

    The colossal achievement experienced by the organization has seen Seattle Genetics go on a goal-oriented program to grow more medications. The organization has an arrangement to create 12 extra medications. One of its present medications marked 33A is on its third phase of different clinical trials. The medication will be utilized as a part of the treatment of myeloid leukemia if fruitful. Different medications that are nearly achievement will be utilized for bosom growth and bladder disease treatment.

    Aside from basically creating drugs, Seattle Genetics intends to enlist various workers in the United States and Switzerland. The representatives will be invested in the organization where they will assume an immense part being developed of malignancy treatment techniques.




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