• 06Feb

    Herbalife Nutrition is one of the firms that was developed for the purpose of assisting in the improvement of people’s lives in any kind of disaster.

    Herbalife Nutrition has announced the partnership with the IMPACT Basketball which will last for two years. The partnership will ensure that the handballers will be able to get the services from the Herbalife Nutrition firm. The services will enable the players to do well on their daily activities pertaining to the game’s activities. The partnership will also include athletes. This will enable them to access the services from the firm hence enabling them to train well and also it will enable them to know the importance of nutrition.

    Herbalife Nutrition has announced that it will take a partnership will American Red Cross. The firm said that it will make Herbalife Nutrition Protein Deluxe Bars firm in about one hundred and twenty centres for blood donation throughout the USA. These donation centres will be run by the Red Cross from America.

    The Herbalife Protein Deluxe Bars are meant for those who will volunteer to donate their blood. The firm will provide ten grams proteins which are of high quality to carbohydrates and this will ensure that the volunteer will obtain what he/she has donated in the blood. This initiative aims at increasing the number of volunteer blood donors.

    Herbalife Nutrition Protein Bars provides blood donors with Riboflavin which is a vitamin B2 and also B6. The vitamins are very important to any person who has loose or donate his / her blood in the process of recovering of Red Blood Cells. The firm also provides donors with dark chocolate. The chocolate contains iron which is important in micronutrient replacement in the body after the donation of the blood.

    Herbalife Nutrition also engages in other activities. The firm has chipped-in in hosting more than fifty blood donating drivers at their own places where they operate. The Herbalife Nutrition firm also has a van that enables them to operates in the Southern California state. This has enabled the provision of services to run smoothly.

    Herbalife as also encouraged all of its workers and also their customers to take the initiative of the blood donation if they capable of providing it to the American Red Cross.

    The Herbalife Nutrition helped during the mobilization of the victims who were affected by the Hurricane and also those who were affected by the Californian wildfire. The firm takes the initiative by providing the affected people with the basics needed.



  • 05Feb

    Paul Mampilly is a highly successful business person in the United States. He is known for his business prowess in the finance sector where he is making admirable investments. His career spans for 25 years. He started working the financial sector in 1991 when Bankers Trust employed him as an assistant portfolio manager. Over the years, he proved that he was worth promotion to larger organizations due to his investment success. He has worked with other organizations such as ING and Deutsche Bank. In 2006, Paul Mampilly attracted the attention of one of the hedge funds in Wall Street at the time known as Kinetics Asset Management.

    At the time this hedge fund had only $5 billion under its management, but by the time Paul Mampilly was leaving, he had managed to turn it into a leading hedge fund in the finance world with an annual return rate of 26%. The Barrons even featured the hedge fund as one of the best return funds in the world. Paul Mampilly worked in Wall Street for some time before leaving after he discovered that he was only helping a small group of wealthy individuals to make more billions. According to Paul millions of Americans who are languishing in poor lives since they could not make profitable investments. He, therefore, decided that he would quit Wall Street so that you could invest in the people who mattered most to him.

    Today, he is actively involved in activities that promote best investment idea among the common Americans. His wish is to see them gain financial freedom and live decent lives. To attain the goals that he has set, Paul Mampilly appears in different TV channels such as CNBC Bloomberg TV and Fox Business News where he explains matters of interest to investors. He has also initiated in his investment newsletter through which he communicates to over 100,000 individuals who have subscribed. The Profits Unlimited newsletter has been a massive success since it has attracted thousands of subscribers in a very short time. It is currently one of the fastest-growing financial publications in the United States.

  • 02Feb

    In 1989, DKNY, a fashion retailer was launched. During that time, Donna Karen a fashion designer found herself swept away by her daughter’s fashion ideas. The ideas were chic, stylish and considered to be New York fashion. Ever since then DKNY has lead the way when it comes to clarifying New York fashion and style. The uniqueness of New York trends is something that simply can not be found in other regions of the US. New York vogue takes the spotlight every single time, captivating the world!

    After serving the US for some years now, DKNY has decided to build chains in China. Giving better access to their swank style of clothing to the Southeast Asian country. Vice president of JD.com, Kevin Jiang, eloquently explains how the company’s strategy to provide more access to top-end fashion, fits in perfectly with DKNY move to China. He goes on to explain that JD.com’s logistic expertise combined with DKNY reputation for fashion will definitely have a enormous effect on China’s shoppers.

  • 01Feb

    Television and Film producer Heather Parry has built a very impressive career. Parry has worked with some major companies including MTV and Happy Madison Productions. Her work has allowed her to become a part of one of 2018’s biggest films “A Star is Born.”

    Parry entered the world of television in the early 1990’s. Parry’s first job was working for MTV News. She quickly worked her way up to a producer. Parry help to put together the films “Get Rich or Die Trying,” and “The Longest Yard.” Parry stayed with MTV for more than a decade. In 2005 Parry took her talents to Happy Madison Productions. It was here that she collaborated with Adam Sandler to produce a number of well-known films which include That’s My Boy and Pixels.

    After more than ten year with Happy Madison, Parry became the leader of her own company. Heather Parry was the president of Live Nation. Live Nation had a focus on putting together films about musical stars. Some of the artists they made films about include Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga and P Diddy. Parry however would soon have a chance to be part of an even bigger film.

    Live Nation has a part in dozens of music festivals. Heather Parry believed these festivals could be very useful for the film “A Star is Born.” She approached the films producer about this possibility. She was able to convince producer Bill Gerber to use her company. As a result Parry and Live Nation helped to make “A Star is Born” one of 2018’s biggest films. Parry and Live Nation continue to look for opportunities to make an imprint on the film world.

    Find out more about Heather Parry: https://twitter.com/heatherparry?lang=en

  • 20Jan

    When Wes Edens founded Fortress Investment Group, he had a lot of plans for the company. He knew the right direction to take it so it would grow and that’s what pushed him to make the most out of it. While he focused on how he could make Fortress one of the best investment firms, he found that specializing in global investment strategies was one of the easiest ways he could help people have a better understanding of why he did the things he did. It also made him want to help even more people with the issues they faced and with the way he was doing everything for the company. By focusing on these options and using his accomplishments to make the company even better, the founder was able to help make Fortress Investment Group the best business he knew how to create. It led to more people using the company and others learning a lot more about it. Read more reviews about Fortress Investment Group at indeed.com

    After Fortress Investment Group grew, more people saw it as something they could use to make their own investments a possibility. People wanted to use Fortress because they knew the company would keep getting better and would invest their money the right way. They also saw the pattern the company had and that’s what allowed them to hope for growth in the future. Everything the company did was important to clients and the employees had a lot of expectations they had to live up to so they wouldn’t have to make things harder for others.

    The time Fortress Investment Group spent growing was a necessary part of the way the business worked. It was also something people liked doing because they knew how the company would keep getting better in the future. Now that the company was acquired by Softbank, they’re going to grow even more. The company has plans to help more people and to offer even more career opportunities in the future. It’s important to them to hire people who know what they’re doing and who have experience in the industry they can use to make sure they’re helping the clients.

    Check out: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=666715


  • 19Jan

    Nicolas Krafft, the Global Business Development Vice President and founder of L’Oreal, a fashion and beauty startup in New York, said he would stop at nothing on his quest of showing the world what his company has for them. Krafft said those words during the September 30, 2018 fashion and beauty event held in Paris, France.

    According to word from the startup, Nicolas Krafft had in mind two things that he wanted to achieve from the L’Oreal Paris event. The GBD Vice President said that he would use the end-year event to show the world some of the latest and trending designs and products in the fashion and beauty industry.

    Nicolas Krafft also said he would use the September 30, 2018 event to show his company’s commitment to bringing latest products and services close to clients. During the event, several industry celebrities paraded with their latest trends. For the first time, top celebrities from the fashion and beauty industry met at a rare public event. Nicolas Krafft ensured the L’Oreal Paris event took place from a public square. All interested people attended the 60-meter floating catwalk that was held on Seine River in the French capital.

    Among the celebrities who paraded to show their products, including Miu Miu, Balmain, Isabel Marant, and Sonia Rykiel. All these celebrities had one thing in common, to show the world what the world of jewelry has to offer them in 2019 and beyond.

    Others in attendance include Eva Longoria, Louise Bourgoin, and Elle Fanning among others. Marie Bochet, the Paralympics ski champion and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau known as Jaime Lannister for his role in the Game Of Thrones, represented top personalities from other industries outside beauty and fashion.

    In what was seen as an ingenious was to market his company to the world, Nicolas Krafft and crew mounted giant screens on different locations in Paris. This made it possible for those who did not make it to the Seine River scene to follow the occasion. Millions of other people from over 30 countries followed the event thanks to the drones that covered the event live from the Seine River floating catwalk.

  • 19Jan

    Boraie Development LLC

    For over 30 years, Boraie Development LLC made great stride in the real estate industry. Located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, this company performs property management. This company also works with marketing and sales.

    The Aspire and Boraie

    One of their projects is a residential, apartment complex in New Brunswick, New Jersey called The Aspire. This apartment complex includes 238 residential units, a 24/7 doorman lobby, state-of-the-art yoga space and fitness center, and 10,000 square feet of retail. Other features of this complex are as follows:

    • Rooftop garden and sundeck with outdoor space with BBQ
    • Outdoor and indoor residents’ club for playing, resting, and working
    • Several feet away from the New Brunswick Train Station
    • Indoor bike storage and individual storage available
    • Attached parking facility with elevator directly accessible to the lobby

    In Other News

    About six years ago, WSJ.com reported about a star coming home to build in Newark. The reported star is Shaquille O’Neal, and he partnered with Boraie Development LLC in real estate.

    One project Boraie and Mr. O’Neal completed is the renovation of an old theater located on Springfield Avenue that is now called CityPlex12 Newark. The project was complete in 2012. This theater now includes an auditorium with 300 leather suits. Other projects include them working with a retail complex, movie theater, and market-rate housing tower for Atlantic City.


    Boraie Development LLC have made great strides in the real estate industry and greatly improved New Brunswick, New Jersey economically. This company launched in the 80s. They have proven to be the ultimate leaders in real estate, and they are continuing to grow in various partnerships and other markets.

  • 18Jan

    Are you tired of being the laughing stock in your hometown and want to prove everyone wrong? You can change the notion that you are poor by enumerating Vijay Eswaran, the chairman of the QI Group of Companies. He just got weary of being poor, and made a significant resolution for all his misfortunes- he decided to become an entrepreneur.

    When Vijay initially started his first idea of network marketing, he was pessimistic. He didn’t see the future of his initiative. After several trials, Vijay saw an excellent opportunity in his idea and resolved to pursue it. That’s where he started his entrepreneurial journey and came up with QI idea.

    Vijay’s minor and main occupations

    Vijay once worked as a security guard, an employee in a gas station, and worst, a cab driver. He decided never to work for someone again after his employer duped him.

    That’s when Vijay established his QI Company. After his venture was successful, he became an international motivational speaker in the business world. Vijay later started writing books.

    Dr Vijay has won several Awards and Honors as a business tycoon. These include;

    • Worldwide leader in global business strategy
    • Accomplishment medal for Global Entrepreneurship (2016).
    • Unique honour for Education Entrepreneurship during the 18th Malaysian Education Summit, e.t.c

    Reasons why Vijay is a successful entrepreneur

    Vijay makes his idea successful by first, travelling worldwide. By visiting different areas and talking to different people, he gets new ideas on how to expand his QI business.

    Next, he always takes a moment of silence for some hours in the morning and observes his business in different views. Vijay then comes up with new ideas which help his enterprise to excel.

    Additionally, he loves networking. According to him, networking helps him keep abreast of what is happening around the globe. With that information, he can know what is important to his customers. Dr Vijay advises everyone to keep trying and pushing his dreams for better results.

  • 17Jan

    During his career in financial services, Harry Harrison has been a derivatives trader and he has led teams of fixed income sales and trading traders. For more than 20 years, Harrison worked in investment and trading at Barclays. His last position was Head of Barclays Non-core from 2014 to 2017. Harrison is a native of the United Kingdom who was sent to New York by Barclays in 2003. His assignment was to establish Barclays in the U.S. rates market.

    Harrison recognized that American investment banks were already doing an excellent job in most aspects of the market. Therefore, he realized that Barclays had to find a niche American investment banks did not already dominate. Barclays had been successful in electronic trading in Europe. At the time, the American interest rates market still focused on over the counter or voice trades. Barclays believed that electronic trading represented the future in the industry and decided to be the pioneer to bring electronic trades to interest rates market. Harrison led the company’s effort. He said that he enjoyed seeing how a new player can disrupt and dominate a marketplace as Barclays did.

    Harrison’s last major project before leaving Barclays was getting the bank out of $110 billion worth of business that the company no longer wanted to be in. After completing that effort, he decided to take a break. Today his major responsibility is being a stay-at-home dad to his two young children. In that role, he doesn’t have a typical day. His new schedule allows him ample time for reading. Harrison seeks books that discuss the social upheaval that is happening around the world today. Death of the Liberal Class by Chris Hedges and The Death of Truth by Michiko Kakutani are books he has read recently and found troubling.

    Find out more about Harry Harrison Barclays: https://about.me/harryharrison

  • 16Jan

    Doe Deere has big goals for her personal and professional life. She knows a lot about what she likes and about what she wants to do with the way she looks. She always reflects her personality through bold colors and fun looks. It’s important to Doe Deere to make sure she can help people see who she really is through her makeup, her hair and her clothing. Because Doe Deere spent so much time learning about what she could do and how she could make things better for the makeup brand, she knew just what to do to help people see what they could get from it. She also spent time trying to figure out the best way to market it. After talking about it on her blog a lot, Doe Deere didn’t have to worry about that. People were coming to her for her makeup and it continues growing in popularity.

    One of the things Doe Deere always focuses on is being herself. She doesn’t follow any set of fashion rules. Instead, she chooses to focus on her own fashion opportunities. She wears what she likes and that’s part of why she does things her own way. It’s important to Doe Deere to be herself and to always show people there are things she can do that might make a difference for the way the fashion industry works. By not following rules, Doe Deere sets herself apart from most of the other people who run makeup companies.

    Doe Deere continues doing what she likes in both the beauty and the fashion industry. With her new clothing line, Poppyangeloff, Doe Deere plans to make things even better. She wants to show her followers they can do and wear anything they want. Just because fashion rules exist doesn’t mean they have to follow them. Doe Deere uses this in her own life and translates it to her professional experience. By doing this, Doe Deere sets herself apart from most of the other fashion designers who don’t want to make waves in the industry. It’s her goal to make waves and always do what she can to help people who want to make waves too.




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