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    Clay Siegall is the man of the hour thanks to what he has brought to the table in cancer research. This is one of the most important figures in the game thanks to his expertise, his passion and his perseverance. Being the CEO for one of the world’s leading oncology companies hasn’t been easy. Seattle Genetics wasn’t always as successful as it is today. The small startup company struggled in the beginning, but it quickly got its act together by bringing in a team of selective individuals. The company’s ADCETRIS drug has brought the company back from the brink of destruction, and this drug has generated over $350 million since its birth.

    When it comes to cancer, fast diagnosis is the key to success. This disease will manifest itself in human organs, and then it will rapidly grow at an astounding rate. Thanks to recent advancements in genetic-testing, genetic-sequencing is now at a reduced cost. One of the solutions is to develop advanced-techniques for treating and diagnosing cancer. Did you know that the human body has up to 20,000 genes? The genes actually connects to form a DNA code and every person has a unique DNA code. Studies have shown that a person’s DNA code can predispose people to certain illnesses. Up until recent years, finding the DNA code was pretty much unheard of. This is why cancer research is so valuable. Dr. Clay Siegall is the king of research in a sense because he implements rigorous research, drug development and scientific innovation into finding better treatments.

    The success of Seattle Genetics has come fast and very furious. The company’s stock has tripled in the past four years, and it has numerous advanced-medications in its pipeline that will be coming out in the future. All in all, cancer research is at an all-time high and Dr. Clay Siegall plays a crucial role in it all.

  • 29Dec

    A MB2 Dental professional provides the personalized dental care your smile calls for with services for most budgets. Improve your style at any income level while most insurance is also accepted. Why settle for anything less than professional dentistry when you have an emergency? Your smile is the first thing they’ll see when you’re in face-to-face interactions or talking close-up to communicate. A professional executive should pride themselves with good oral hygiene. Do you suffer from unsightly bad breath or have sensitive teeth? A dental professional can give you a diagnosis and get you back to what matters with less recovery time.

    Thousands of celebrities have reached out to a dental professional for a whiter smile and to improve dental imperfections. They want to look their best under the scrutiny of a prolonged camera lens or in endless photos. When their smile has to stand out, most patients rely on a MB2 Dental specialist. Experience a relaxed spa dental environment that caters to cowards of all ages. Bring your first-timer to the office to take a tour to relieve their anxiety. They work hard to make their patients feel comfortable on their first dental visit with a quality professional.

    Their technicians encourage early dentistry with pediatric dental services. Taking care of your teeth early can help with future dental expenses and treatment. Your smile will last throughout your lifetime according to the type of preventative care you receive. They’re prepared to teach you how brushing can benefit your nutritional health. They will teach your child how to properly brush after each meal. They don’t tempt them after a job well done with sweets, but instead, they receive a fun dental fact sheet to help them with their knowledge of their smile. Our professionals put the needs of your child first when they’re receiving care from a professional dental specialist.

    MB2 Dental Preferred Services

    – jaw realignment

    – braces traditional/clear

    – gum disease

    – specialist referrals

    – alternative sedation

    – teeth whitening

    – x-rays

    – personalized dental care

    – spa dental

    – oral cancer screenings

    – specialized dentistry

    – most insurance accepted

    – and more…

    Their specialist believe you should never sacrifice dental issues because of an inability to pay. Their comprehensive payment plans allow their patients to get the treatment they need today and pay over time with bi-weekly or monthly payments. Visit a superior MB2 Dental professional to help with your award winning smile today.

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    By his own admission, renowned stock trader Greg Secker has rushed through the first part of his life, and his extensive list of accomplishments reflects his dashing pace. Originally a trader for Thomas Cook, he soon assumed the helm of Virtual Trading Desk, a first-in-the-world kind of company and then was tapped to served as a Vice President at Mellon Financial in its heyday. Soon after, Greg struck out on his own and started his own company to fulfill a passion: teaching others how to trade. Learn to Trade has instructed hundreds of thousands of individuals all across the world in both the basics and finer points of stock, commodity, and currency trading. Where once he traded from home for amusement, now Greg empowers ready learners to be successful in their own right.

    Anyone who has achieved millionaire status (multiple times) before they’re 30 years old ought to be listened to for at least a day or two. By all accounts, Greg Secker is well-versed in the trading world and can convey that knowledge in such a way as to make it easier for listeners to comprehend. His Learn to Trade seminars aren’t a hard-sell workshop, but rather a multi-day dive into trading fundamentals, money management, trading psychology and more. Learn to Trade has been hailed at the top trade-teaching company in Europe and received multiple awards at numerous trade gatherings. Attendees have consistently had good things to say both about the content of the seminars and also about Greg Secker himself. Greg’s experience running Virtual Trading Desk–the first Forex real-time trading platform–has kept him on the cutting edge of Forex trading and also grants him an excellence vantage point from which to train his students.

    While Greg Secker has a plethora of reasons to be proud of his accomplishments, his humility and passion always shine through the awards and accolades he has received. In interviews, bio pages and Facebook posts, Greg makes it clear he is proudest of one title: Dad. A devoted father, Greg always tops his priorities with his family.

    For more information, visit http://www.gregsecker.com/ or https://www.learntotrade.co.uk/

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    The entrepreneurs of the millennial generation do business differently that the older generation. Whereas Gen Xers and Baby Boomers tend to value autonomy and income, millennial entrepreneurs are more interested in team work that advances their careers than the amount of money they are making. Regardless of their generation, though, entrepreneurs who are successful tend to have a set of personality traits that help them.


    One trait that entrepreneurs need is persistence. Obstacles are a natural part of starting a new venture. Persisting until those obstacles are overcome is often the difference between a success and a failure. This goes together with dedication. Being dedicated to finding the answers to problems is what motivates them every day.


    Being modest and self-assured also goes a long way on the road to success. Holding to their convictions on doing things in a new way when it’s easy to doubt is another way they can overcome tough times. At the same time, they must be willing to change course when a strategy is not going to work. When they leave their pride at home, they can make the right decisions in their work. For more details visit Ideamensch.


    Todd Lubar has these qualities and has seen success come in his real estate ventures. He’s the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and a Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments. In the past, Todd has worked with Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial Group. He was instrumental in the growth of Maryland Legacy Financial’s office and was the Senior Vice President at Charter Funding. Check out his website toddlubar.com to see more.



    Todd graduated from Syracuse University in 1995 with a B.A. in Speech Communication. He founded TDL Global Ventures LLC after a career in finance that spanned 20 years. Todd created it to break down the barriers that kept people from getting the loans they needed by creating a product that they really wanted: Relief.



    Click here: https://angel.co/todd-lubar


    Read more: https://patch.com/maryland/baltimore/todd-lubar-shares-thoughts-baltimore-real-estate-industry

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    Life Line Screening is a prevention and wellness firm first established in 1993. The company is committed to capturing and preventing ailments and diseases before they become an issue. Clients are encouraged to sign up and go for a Lifeline screening test to discover the status of their health. When you schedule a visit, the company prepares for the tour in the best way possible to ensure everything runs smoothly.

    First, patients are urged to wear loose fitting and short sleeved clothing. These kinds of clothing will make it simpler for the personnel of Lifeline to examine you. Since their procedures are not invasive; you will not have to take off your dress completely. Loose fitting garments make it easy for everyone facilitating the screening process.

    You should also fast for not less than 4 hours before going for screening. Physicians will allow you to take a ½ cup of coffee or tea with a small amount of sugar. They will also let you to make sufficient water since water works well with a person’s system. You should not eat any form of food at all before you get screened. You should not wear perfumes or lotions on your skin. Personal effects such as watches, necklaces, and jewelry should be left at home because wearing them can interfere with the results of your tests.

    Patients should come in for screening 15 to 20 minutes earlier before the screening starts to have time to check-in and also prepare for their screening. You can expect your screening to be a fast efficient process. Most of the screenings are usually completed within an hour or less, allowing for little disruption in your busy schedule.
    Your blood results will be given to you the same day, but you will get the rest of your screening results within fifteen days via mail. As you prepare for a Lifeline screening, it is crucial to understand that it is all about prevention. Focus on the aim of prevention and avoid being pessimistic about health concerns or potential findings.

    The benefits of having a lifeline screening can be countless. Since LifeLine works with a board of qualified professionals to provide comprehensive and conclusive results, you are effectively taking charge of your health. This form of awareness allows for enhanced health, proactive prevention, and care. By approaching your health in this manner, you will not only have better control over your physical wellness but your financial status as well.

    Learn More: www.indeed.com/cmp/Life-Line-Screening/salaries

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    The Online retail industry has always been a difficult sector for new brands to break into as the giant Amazon brand has maintained a huge 20 percent share of the fashion market. One brand aking a quick and lasting impression on the Online retail industry is Fabletics, the subscription-based retailer offering a range of activewear backed by the actress Kate Hudson. Fabletics has developed a technology-based system for creating a membership which is constantly expanding from the initial stages where a lifestyle quiz is completed to start the process of finding the best clothing available and should be completed by anybody wanting to join the company.

    Fabletics has been looking for new ways of exploring the showrooming issues which have been plaguing the retail industry for many years and turning it to their advantage. Over the course of the life of Fabletics which was established in 2013; unlike many of its competitors who began life on the Internet, the brand has grown to include a number of physical locations from where the brand is using a “reverse showrooming” technique to bring more business into the company. The physical locations allow both members and non-members to enter stores and discover the latest collections from the brand which can be purchased or ordered from the brand as part of the membership brand.

    One of the major reasons for the success of the Fabletics brand has been its close link to founding partner, Kate Hudson. The actress who shot to fame in “Almost Famous” has been involved with the brand since the TechStyle Group made the decision to create an activewear brand with an ambassador who reflected the healthy, active lifestyle the brand is promoting. Kate Hudson is often pictured on the pages of her social media accounts wearing the clothing produced by Fabletics and has become one of the main marketing tools for the company in its bid to overcome the dominance of Amazon.

    The TechStyle Group has estimated the value of Fabletics to have already reached $250 million but Kate Hudson still states she is an actress first and business leader second. Despite her claims, Kate Hudson has become involved with almost every aspect of the Fabletics brand from budgeting to the development of a new customer service department and policy to provide the best experience for all customers.


  • 22Nov

    Talk Fusion founder and chief executive officer, Bob Reina declared the advanced version product in an online-based broadcast. The online broadcast is an enhanced version of Live Meetings, a computer program that promotes advanced real-time interactions. This modernized application features a modernized interface and executes the use of the current WebRTC system. The application sustains an approximate of 15 hosts together with 500 associates. WebRTC advanced system promotes productivity and eliminates inconveniences.


    In a recent interview, Bob Reina explained the reason behind the founding of marketing products. He says that the idea was as a result of his generous nature of wanting to help the community. Recently, Bob started a charity program that involves his team of workforce donating free Video Suite software to their favorite charities. Additionally, Bob donated a significant amount to the Tampa bay human society. The charity involved helping many animals who need life-saving medical operations along with people who sustained from a natural catastrophe such as the tsunami in Japan.


    Recently, Bob Reina talk fusion also introduced a new program called Talk Fusion University. The curriculum provides the firm’s employees with significant online training that aims at helping them market products easily. The talk fusion university system highlights inspirational video documentation, accurate directions, along with other contents.


    Bob Reina graduated from a Florida based college. Reina began his career as a police officer in Florida. Through the year of hard work, combining his hard-earned industry expertise with his natural talent and entrepreneurial spirit, Bob resigned from his position. He quickly changed careers to network marketing and became a top salesman by developing his unique four-step system. In 2004, bob co-founded Talk Fusion alongside his best friend, Jonathan Chen. They started by developing video email as their first product. Later in 2007, Reina officially launched the company.


    After acquiring an approximate of over two decades of experience in network marketing, he has earned himself an esteemed honor as a pioneering leader in the marketing industry. Over the last ten years, bob along with his team have continually launched new software and more efficient marketing strategies. Learn more: https://www.businessforhome.org/2011/11/bob-reina-ceo-talk-fusion-interview/




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    Rocketship Education is a national non-profit making group of public elementary schools which serve low-income communities that have limited access to good schools. Established in 2006, Rocketship is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to eradicate the gap of achievement through creating a scalable and maintainable school model that drives the accomplishments of students in underprivileged communities throughout the country.

    The heart of Rocketship’s school model is an instructor-led, technology reinforced technique to personalized learning that suits every student using the right content at the right time using the right approach to instruction. Through engaging parents entirely in the school community and the learning of the students, Rocketship nurtures parents who become long-term advocates for their community and most importantly their children. By working alongside community organizations, districts, parents, and other similar schools, Rocketship is facilitating a movement to remove the achievement gap in the future.

    Rocketship started its first school ten years ago in California in a church known as San Jose. Although the organization has made an incredible impact in the communities they serve, Rocketship is still evolving. The corporation is learning how to help their students and communities better.

    According to Rocketship custom learning begins at home. As the pioneers of personalized education, the organization remains devoted to incorporate technology to boost student learning and enhance student agency. Customized learning involves a deep understanding of the unique interests and needs of each student and family. However, to transform the learning system, there’s a need for more demand.

    Creating a culture of limitless learning may sound good, but it does not work for everyone. Not every teacher wants an instructor in the classroom each week. Some may feel like they are being judged every time and burn out fast. Rocketship has learned this lesson in a hard way, and in the course of time, they have improved their hiring procedures to get educators whose mindsets match their model perfectly. Teachers who succeed at Rocketship are determined learners who adopt feedback and strive continuously to master their practice, irrespective of the length of their experience in teaching. By adjusting their hiring procedures to assess the mindset along the skill, Rocketship is strengthening their adult culture and enhancing the outcomes of the student.

  • 16Nov

    Securus Technologies, the foremost provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for investigation, public safety, monitoring and rectifying, published several comments from its customers about the use of the technology in solving and preventing crimes that include the inmates-on inmate’s ones. Most of those comments came from the jail and prison officials all over the United States who are given the responsibility of ensuring that no crime prevails in the United States and if it occurs, they should solve it in a better manner. By so doing they make the imprisonment environment safer and better. To protect the identity of the person the name, county, and the reference to the state was hidden. From the comments, it reveals that Securus Technology helps not only the law enforcers but also the society including the families, inmates, and parolees.

    Every week, Securus Technology makes a new service or a product that assist the law enforcers in preventing and solves crimes. It shows that Securus is committed to ensuring that safety prevails in the community.

    In one of the comments, the customer said that they were able to monitor calls that contained information about inmate alcohol use, threats, suspicious dialog concerning money transferred, drug selling and access to the cellular device, and information concerning an earlier incident that involved shooting.

    In another comment, the customer expressed his impression in the work that Securus is doing. He said through the research that Securus is performing and developing emerging capabilities, it enables them to improve their investigations and their jail security position.

    Another client from Sheriff’s department revealed how the use of LBS software that is developed by Securus enabled them recovers well the illegal assets, cash, and drugs. The company acknowledges that if they could not have used the software, they could not have recovered the items.

    Securus has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company serves over 3450 agencies from the law enforcement, public safety and correction sector and more than 1200000 inmates in North America.


  • 10Nov

    Working in medicine is not the easiest of careers to choose, and a lot of people are scared by the idea of having that kind of responsibility. There are those who know that it is definitely for them and work hard to achieve success in the field. Imran Haque is one of these people, and his experience is well known to his colleagues at the Horizon Internal Medicine where he practices and his patients alike. He cares about every single one of his patients and his talent truly blossomed after Dr. Haque acquired his degree from Universidad Iberoamericana and started working.

    His experience spans more than fifteen years, and he learned to take the opportunity to do more when he saw one. He is not just a doctor continuing to achieve success in his field but also a business owner. He wanted to show people that doctors care about their patients and inspire his colleagues to think of the aspect many had forgotten in the busy lives people nowadays lead. Having a proper bedside manner became one of his priorities after Haque received positive words and encouragement from patients and set out to help patients and his colleagues to expand horizons.

    He knows how important networking and good relationships are in the field. Collaborating with specialists is one of the best ways for medicine to grow. It helps the work doctors put in to be more efficient on a daily basis. He learned to multitask efficiently to accomplish all the tasks he needs to on any given day. It is a learned skill, but it helps in medicine and business. Multitasking while paying equal attention to all the tasks he is working on is now second nature, and it helps his medical career as well.

    Dr. Haque inspires and encourages young people to go into medicine if they find a calling to the career. He also wants people to think about entrepreneurship but reminds them that nothing happens without putting mind and soul into it and working hard to achieve the goals they set out. He is not afraid to admit he still learns something new every day.




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