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    Interest rates are being kept at zero in the United States. Investment banks are not entirely thrilled with this scenario. As long as interest rates remain at zero, the fiscal situation with investment banks remains tenuous.

    Is the Federal Reserve going to do what it has not done in a number of years and raise interest rates? This is a question that has been on everyone’s mind for a while. There is good reason why so many are pondering what “The Fed” will do. The raising of interest rates is could potentially lead to a downswing in the economy. An increase in interest rates in a tepid economy is not exactly going to help give the economic landscape a real boost. Investment banks, however, would experience an increase in revenue. This does not automatically mean the banks would be automatically profitable since effective management is always going to play a role in any company success. Still, seeing more money run into financial coffers is going to always be better than seeing fewer funds.

    Economists like Ken Griffin according to wallstreetjournal have been looking at the overall picture and the continual consensus is the Federal Reserve is likely to delay raising the rates. NBC News took a survey with 80 economists prior to a major Federal Reserve meeting. The results from the survey revealed 45 economists believed the rates would be delayed while 35 assumed interest rates would see an increase. The opinions of the former turned out to be correct. The Federal Reserve opted not to raise interest rates. The continual soft employment numbers in the United States play a major role in the delays. Raising rates could send the unemployment rate skyrocketing and force payroll figures to be unimpressive.

    The trouble investment banks run into, as Bloomberg News points out, is they cannot make as much money on loans or investments as they once did. A dynamic bank would have to work harder at bringing in new clients and, possibly, focus on smaller profits but from a larger number of clients. This is but one strategy. A well-managed investment bank surely could come up with additional plans.

    An investment bank with a top manager such as Ken C. Griffin would be in a good position to navigate the difficult waters of zero interest rates. Griffin is the CEO of Citadel, an investment firm that oversees roughly $25 billion in investment capital. The reach of Citadel is global as the firm deals with investments and partners all over the world.

    At some point, interest rates will increase. They cannot stay at zero forever. Regardless of what the figures on interest rates are, an investment bank has to be properly managed. A good manager is going to understand interest rates and economic landscapes change both for the better and the less-than-desirable.

  • 02Oct

    FreedomPop, a US telecoms firm that offers free 4G service, has entered the UK market, bringing competition to firms like of TalkTalk and Tesco Mobile, who are budget providers. FreedomPop’s settling in the UK marks the beginning of their international expansion plan that is venture capital-backed. After the payment of a one-off fee of £7, FreedomPop provides a monthly service consisting of 200 minutes of talk time, 200 texts and 200MB of mobile data. A market survey will also be presented to the subscribers and upon completion of the survey, the subscribers earn more free allowances. The company is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator and does not infrastructure such as mobile masts. It also aims to target the market segment that is conscious about prices. FreedomPop will buy capacity to provide to its subscribers from the Three network. According to Stephen Stokols, the Chief Executive, only half of the subscribers in the US buy extra capacity. He went on to state that the company only requires 50,000 initial subscribers. This will aid the company to be cash flow positive in the UK.

    FreedomPop was founded in 2011 in the US by Stephen Stokols. This was after a proposal was rejected by BT to launch in the UK on itunes.apple.com, the firm at the time headed by Gavin Patterson. Mr. Patterson acted as an advisor to FreedomPop but has had to abandon this of late as the company would compete directly with BT’s own mobile operation in the UK. BT in March rejoined the mobile market, pricing its products radically and beating expectation. BT later paid £12.5bn to buy out EE.

    FreedomPop is intent on reducing costs by spending as much traffic as possible over wifi networks as opposed to mobile networks. Mr. Stokols confirmed that would leave for the UK later on to try and enter into a contract with BT, his former employer, to strike a deal for access to the wifi network belonging to BT. Initially, FreedomPop will register its users online only, but Mr. Stokols confirmed that they were holding negotiations with two firms which are major high street retailers. The company goes ahead to claim that about a quarter million Britons showed expectation before the commercial launch and the company may have to put a limit on subscriptions in the first few months in order to manage its own growth.

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    Wikipedia is one of the world’s most trusted sources of information. People all over the world use the pages of Wikipedia in order to find out information about many varied and important kinds of topics. In doing so, they rely on the site to help them accomplish many varied tasks such as writing articles about subjects for academic papers as well as researching subjects for many kinds to make business Wiki pages tasks. People have come to realize that they can use the site for many purposes and they can also write pages for the site as well. Doing so can have many advantages.

    One of the most important advantages is the ability to use the site to help put up a page about themselves here. A page on the site can serve as form of a basic resume. People who not quite sure how to do this task may wish to turn to a company such as Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki is a company with many staffers who know exactly how to write a page on the site. Staffers understand the many rules and guidelines that govern the site;s usage. They know how to create a profile for anyone here that will be accurate and adhere to the site’s stated aims in providing users with accurate information. A new user can work with them to create a page about their lives that is completely correct in all respects.

    People can use the company to help them understand how to create other Wikipedia pages. Mastering the art of writing a Wikipedia page can be a great way to help someone expand their writing skills and their ability to convey information to other people of many varied backgrounds. People who are able to master the kind of guidelines that are required to write a page here will be those who can master all kinds of other writing tasks. Creating Wikipedia pages should be done carefully and slowly. It is best for a new user to read all the guidelines here and figure out how to apply them to the page they have in mind. In doing so, many people find they can have an enjoyable hobby that allows them to be able to create something of lasting value on the net. A single page on the site may be read by dozens of people in the course of a day.

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    It is common to fall into a dating rut, especially for an online dater. However, Skout has ready solutions to end this rut. A lot of people are regular Skout users and yet, they don’t know about some key features of Skout. This dating app has myriad of features for even the most bored of people. This is also another reason to follow the Skout blog because it is through its blog that this dating and networking app helps its users make the most of it. The unique features of Skout cater to those people on zendesk.com who need something out of ordinary to shake them out of their rut.

    Here are some amazing features of Skout to try out –

    Feature Me – Skouters have a chance to make online friends and forge long term relationships by using the “Feature me” feature. By using this feature, Skout would feature some amazing profiles that would get a lot of attention from all the people using Skout. These people would also become the creme de la creme of the “Meet Me” feature (which would be discussed in the points to come). The biggest benefit of using “Feature me” is not just the attention but also the interaction. Featured Skouters are never bored because so many people want to chat with them.

    Skout Travel – For those who suffer from the most terrible wanderlust and want to travel to the most exotic places in the world, Skout has introduced its “Travel” feature. This is a virtual travel feature that allows Skouters to explore London, Manhattan, Mumbai and Paris by sitting in the comforts of their own home. The feature allows a Skouter to interact with the locals of the selected place, see the posts from the city of their dreams, and make friends in another country.

    Shake to Chat – Tired of checking out numerous profiles and not finding anything to your liking? Skout has an interesting feature called “Shake to Chat” which is there to give a new definition to the word “serendipity”. Using this feature, random Skouters are paired with each other and without knowing anything about the other person, they can start chatting. As a tip, the Skout blog mentions having great icebreaker and openers to make a good first impression when chatting with a complete stranger.

    Buzz – Buzz is a great way to keep boredom at bay and put it to some good use. It is one of the most popular features of Skout and the biggest reason why Skout is so much more than a dating app – it is a social networking site. Buzz is used for checking out the popular posts by other Skouters and interacting with them by commenting on said posts. As engagement grows, Skouters find out about people they would never have discovered otherwise.

    Meet People – The final feature of Skout is “Meet People” which allows Skouters to enter all their requirements in the search bar and find out people who meet all those criteria.

    With all these features, it is not a surprise that users of Skout never get bored!

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    If you’re anything like me, work keeps you busy and your social life and hobbies keep you distracted enough that you can safely say “I don’t have time to (insert adult activity)”.

    However, being that I am human and a female, I have this strange, genetic urge to take care of someone other than myself. Yes, I have tried to quell these sensations by taking care of a significant other, but as you may know, relationship permanence isn’t guaranteed. Be it because of incompatibility, lack of reciprocation, communication, etc, there are many reasons why the dream of “happily ever after” is not currently in the cards for me. And, since we have ruled out long term relationships, then we have also ruled out children. Unless you’re into that whole single mom, egg doner thing. But, again, if you’re anything like me, that’s a highly laughable option, unless it’s by accident.

    Now, I’m an intelligent and fairly self aware person, so I know for a fact I am in no shape to be responsible for a child and I know I’m not the only one out there that thinks this way. In my neighborhood, Beneful dog owners seem to outweigh parents. The amount of dogs I see outnumbers how many children I see by a significant amount. I believe this to be because many of us have decided that the best we can do is a pet, or at least test out the prospect of parenthood this way. And, what better pet to get than with a dog? I mean, they’re practically children already; you have to teach them how to live a normal productive life. They need to be potty trained, played with, disciplined, kept clean, and fed. Same as a human child but without the pesky birthing process.

    All of those things come fairly easy to me. I’ve had a dog as a kid so I know about training, playing, and all that jazz. The one aspect that gives me anxiety is the one thing I did not have control over at the time and that’s the feeding process, my mother took care of that. So, now that I’m my own adult, I’ve had to consider my options. One thing I did remember was that we fed our dog (a beautiful cocker spaniel) Purina. So, naturally I went to their page and looked through their product offerings. In all honesty, I’d prefer to make my pup its food from scratch. In all reality, that is not going to happen and neither is the all natural option as it costs way too much. But, thankfully, Purina offers Baneful, which is their high quality, natural dog food option that is very affordable. Yes, the holy trinity of consumerism! At just under $1/pound, this is one dog food that I will definitely get once I adopt my dog child.

    Now, if only I can just make a trip to my local animal shelter without falling in love with all the cute pups.

  • 25Sep

    When you get right down to it, nobody likes to do household chores. Nobody likes to clean around the house or dust, do the laundry or do any of that. There are other things that you and everyone else in the world would rather do. But, sadly, as adults it is just something that needs to be taken care of. Wouldn’t it be nice if there is someone else out there who could just do it for you? Sure, you could go online on recode.net and try to find a maid cleaning service, but those are expensive, you have to book in advance and you really might not know who you should call or when you may or may not need a maid to clean the house? Well, guess what? There is such a service that can help you out. It is called Handy and you can book a cleaning service with the aid of its mobile application. In fact, over a million other bookings have taken place on the app, so it is something that works and works out well with hundreds of thousands of repeat customers.

    How Does it Work?

    Handy is pretty simple and straight forward. You download and install the application, then you set up a payment method (usually your credit or debit card). From there, all you need to do is select when you would like a cleaning, choose what you need done and boom, it is all taken care of for you. How easy is that? It is pretty straight forward and doesn’t require much hard work at all. In fact, if you have a smart phone or a tablet, you are good to go.

    Is it Safe?

    Now, the next question you probably have is in regards to it being safe. After all, you don’t want to invite some random person over into your home and let them rifle through your stuff while you sit around in the living room, watching television. So how do you know the person is alright and is not going to do anything bad while inside of your home? You actually don’t need to do a thing. Handy does it all for you. Handy performs a complete background check on everyone who wants to be a cleaning service provider. They don’t stop there though. The company also looks into previous jobs the individual has had. They can’t just dig a vacuum cleaner out of the closet and apply for the job. They are also able to look over references and other information that the applicant provides in order to make sure they really are up to snuff and can provide the best cleaning services possible. After all, the only way you or anyone else goes back to Handy is if you receive a quality cleaning the first time. If that doesn’t happen, you probably won’t go back. So, Handy is there to make sure the cleaning professionals are of the highest grade possible.

    Come Back for More

    Most of the individuals who have used Handy have come back for additional services, which makes it especially attractive.

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    If you are in the world of beauty, you probably already know about a woman named Doe Deere. She is easily recognized by her brand name Lime Crime. It’s full of bold, cool, really cool colors. These colors are for those who really want to take a chance.

    You might already be familiar with her line. What you may know about is Doe Deere on galoremag, the person. Recently, she say down for an interview. I found this online. I thought that some of you would be interested in what she had to say.

    This interview I feel gives more of an insight to her, as a person. It also gives more of an insight to why she started the line in the first place.


    Well, most of you know that I started a DIY line a few years back. Well, I just wanted to take the line and expand on it. I wanted to include bold colors, colors that weren’t around when I was just starting out.

    When I was just starting out, I had to back due with what I had. Whatever bold colors I had at the time, I just had to work with them. There aren’t too many bold colors out anymore. Too many are afraid to take a chance. I am speaking for these people.

    I want to bring the “fun” back into makeup and beauty. Too many are satisfied with “playing it safe.” I’m not like that. I’m not interested in playing it safe. My Lime Crime line speaks to this point of view.


    It would have to be the liquid-to-matte lipstick. This stuff stays on. It will not crumble. When talking to some of my clients, I realized this was a common complaint. Many clients disliked the fact that they had to re-apply every couple of hours. With my lipstick, you don’t have this problem.

    Another big thing with this line is the Leaping Bunny Certification. None of our products have been tested on animals. I worked with a chemist to make sure this wouldn’t happen. Our lipsticks are vegan-free. This is a major accomplishment for the beauty industry. To have a makeup line that is completely animal-free is a major step forward. Lime Crime is one of the only products, so far, that has this accomplishment.

    Leaping Bunny is hard certifier to go through. This stamp of approval is big.


    I would have to say Kimberly Gordon, without a doubt. She is the main person behind Wildfox. She started out about the same time I did. She has the same whimsy and passion I do. She translates that to her clothing line. She wants her line to be vintage, yet comfortable too. We both share this motto. Kimberly and I have been through lots of the same pressures; not to mention, highs and lows. We understand each other. There is a bond there. Unless you started out with us, you can never understand. She gets it.

    You can read the full interview here at: http://thestoryexchange.org/doe-deere/

  • 23Sep

    Yeonmi Park is a very well known human rights activist, and it is little wonder why. Parks is a woman that has overcome much when it comes to her life and she is the poster child for equality in North Korea. Yeonmi Parks is a woman that was born in North Korea. Many people are not aware of the way that life is lead in North Korea, because they are a country that does all that they can to separate themselves from the rest of the world. Since that is the case they feel like they have the right to rule their citizens with an iron fist. They tell their citizens what to watch, how to live, what to sell, and how to worship. They are a country that does all that they can to keep strict watch over how their people do everything.

    When she was young Yeonmi saw nothing wrong with the way that her country did things. She was a happy child even though she was living a very restricted life. Her father was a government official, so she lived better off then other people. Later her father was accused of a crime against the government. He was sent to prison, and that is when the life of Yeonmi Park and her family totally changed. Yeonmi was forced to live a poor life, and it was almost impossible for her and her mother and sister to survive. Her father was released from prison because of a sickness, but their situation in North Korea did not get any better. Yeonmi’s father knew that he would have to get his family out of North Korea, so that became his goal. Yeonmi’s father was able to send Yeonmi and her mother through a human trafficker. On the journey Yeonmi’s mother was raped in front of her, and she witness other atrocities. When her and her mother arrived to China her dad was able to meet them there.

    Soon after his arrival, Yeonmis father past away of a disease. It was a very difficult time for Yeonmi and her mother. Through the help of some very good people Yeonmi and her mother were able to get to South Korea. In South Korea Yeonmi was able to live and thrive as an independent individual for the first time. She never imagined life could be that way. She was also able to reunite with her sister that had left some time before. Yeonmi has made it her life long goal to help other people that suffer human rights injustices. She wants them all to be able to live free and happy lives, and that is why she travels the world to defend human rights, and to raise awareness about human rights injustices that are still happening in the world today.

  • 18Sep

    Choosing a dog food can seem overwhelming these days with all the brands and options out there. I have had pets most of my life and find it amazing how many choices are available now versus ten years ago. Every month seems to bring a new and healthier brand, offerings from a more “pristine” company, or another bargain brand. Personally, I do not buy into the hype. I trust what I have used for years, and what my dogs have thrived on.

    What many pet owners do not know is that Purina brand dog food has been around for many years, getting its start back in 1894 as Robinson-Danforth Commission Company. Over time the company has expanded from a single plant to a nationwide brand, and now can be found worldwide. What this means to me is Purina brand is not a fad diet for dogs, the company knows what it is doing, I can trust that they will provide quality food, and won’t go out of business overnight. I adopted a pup a while ago, and I was able to purchase some of the food that he had been fed while there. All was fine until I couldn’t find that specific brand anywhere, leaving me coaxing my new pup to trying different foods. I do not have the fear of a repeat with Purina Beneful, I know if I need food that the product I need is always readily available and I can count on this.

    Also noteworthy, Purina brands on walmart.com has many product lines. ALPO, Beneful, Mighty Dog, and Second Nature are all part of the Purina family of dog foods. While they each have their benefits, Beneful is one of their most popular lines, and the one I choose to feed my dogs. The kibbles resemble almost a stew, with meaty and veggie bits and provides complete nutrition, no supplements necessary. Sometimes I opt for the wet version of Beneful, as a special treat or for holiday meals. What I love about the wet food is that you can see all the ingredients upon opening the container veggies, meat, broth and rice. It is not a big blob of mush, but real food with textures and flavors.

    Products I trust for healthy, nutritional food, from a brand that is well known and dependable, plus products that can be easily found with variety of flavors are the reasons why I will continue to feed Purina brand Beneful to my dogs.

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    ==Creating Wikipedia Pages==

    To create a Wikipedia page, is part of an innovative digital revolution in which most businesses and individuals are connected through an online platform of information. Almost everyone regardless of his or her profession has accessed Wikipedia at some point. Creating a Wikipedia page is a straightforward, fairly simple process of a few steps. First, a new user needs to set up an account and log in to Wikipedia. Once logged in, a creative title needs to be formulated and entered. Next, references should be listed in your article so that people will know where you received the information and how to further their research on the topic. You should also learn how to categorize your articles. Wiki articles need to be placed in the correct section for appropriate viewing. Finally, once you have finished writing your Wikipedia page, you should preview for errors. You can still make improvements after you submit.

    ==Editing Wikipedia Pages==

    Anyone can edit a Wikipedia page if they suspect erroneous information. Though, some wiki pages can be locked from editing. To edit information on the page, select the edit tab at the top of the page and enter the correct information in the edit box. You can perform a minor edit or a major edit depending upon the severity of the error. Before editing, especially major edits, you need to confirm with references that the new information is indeed factual. It is crucial to save your progress.


    Professional editors from the reputable site www.getyourwiki.com encourage and assist with wiki page production. GetYourWiki complies with Wikipedia content policies, proper format, and adhering to Wikipedia’s Manual of Style. Additional features GetYourWiki has to offer include language translation and monitoring for accuracy. Another great feature is that they assure page approval or you will receive a refund. You can contact them for a free quote within 24 hours at www.getyourwiki.com.


    In developing wiki pages, pay attention to copyright laws, avoid marketing yourself for promotional benefits, and be sure to cite your references each time they are utilized. These ethical tips will save you from having to redo your page and keep your page from being removed from Wikipedia. These approaches will also add credibility to your article.