• 05Feb

    Susan McGalla, director of strategic planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers, announced in September 2015 that the team would introduce its new fashion line in time for its first home game of the season. McGalla, who is also an expert in the retail fashion industry, and her team listened to focus groups and fan polls as well as letters that were sent in to find out what the fans wanted different in fan fashion. The result is a newly designed website that can be used from any device and a new fashion line for men, women and children. The website also features a “Wear What We Wear” section, which includes fashions the players have been seen wearing. The men’s fashion includes the usual T-shirts and jerseys as well as dressier office wear such as polos and sweaters. The women’s line includes more feminine form fitting clothing as well as great accessories and jewelry. McGalla said the goal was to provide something that could be dressed up or down. McGalla, the daughter of a football coach, has been working with the Steelers in an effort to grow its brand and reach new fans. Before accepting the job with the Steelers, McGalla had a colorful career in the retail and fashion world beginning with Joseph Horne Company in 1986. In 1994, when the company was bought out, McGalla went to American Eagle where she earned much of her expertise as regional merchandise buyer for women’s clothes. Hard work and dedication led to promotions, and eventually, McGalla was named chief merchandising officer and then president of the entire company. After a couple years as president of American Eagle, McGalla decided to part ways and pursue a private consulting career where she offered her expertise to other companies. After several job offers, she decided to accept a CEO position with Wet Seal where she stayed for two years before starting her own business, HFF,  P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. The company advises its clients on all things business including merchandise buying, branding and marketing. The company continued business even after McGalla went to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • 02Feb

    Doe Deere well known for her fashion and inspiration tricks have been in the limelight as a proof that not only is she beautiful but she can do a lot with beauty and brains. Doe is the founder of Lime Crime Company, and she has been in the field since she developed an interest in make-up at the age of 9. Her inspiration grew as she created an account on eBay named lime crime and later initiated a company in 2008. Her effort lies from her hard work and determination, and she is also interested in bright colors which she says are hard to come across to.

    She has succeeded in encouraging many women and empowering them in businesses and entrepreneurship ability especially from making appeals with good makeup. Sometimes breaking rules creates good suggestions which are certainly helpful in starting out and are not binding too. Doe from her interaction with fashion encourages women to stay out of the ordinary and try to break some fashion rules. She has been in the unicorn and a known expert in colorful, cruelty-free cosmetics, teal lipsticks and glittery cosmetics. Doe encourages women to break fashion rules and try something out of the formality of styles.

    A rule like don’t wear a bold eye with a bold lip sometimes is not what would excite a woman’s heart. Maybe take something else like some vibrant blue lipstick, or Venus eye shadow palette with cry baby, or blue milk eyeliner with rusty reds Venus eye shadow. Mix matching the colors will create some excitement and break the monotony too. The rule of not mixing so many colors according to Doe how much is too the instincts will tell ‘how much is much’ not the rule. It’s beautiful to try out many colors this has been the secret behind Doe’s success with Lime Crime.

    There are also other rules such as; avoid so many patterns or don’t wear socks with open shoes or heels. Those patterns could be your comfort, those socks you can rock an outfit during winter and still make an impression. You will not need to throw your heels away; showing a little bit of different color down your hills is amazing. Doe confesses to having more than 200 different pairs of socks and leggings. Her success can be owed to her being a fashion risk taker. She confesses to being the worst in makeup since when she was age nine until her twenties when she learned how to do it right. She has also been in the company of theatrical professions who helped her get more interest in the field. Ladies should trust their makeup choice sometimes rules make life boring, the need to grow the courage to try out new things and colors too.

  • 02Feb

    Dick DeVos has always been able to spot a great business deal, and it seems like he is positioning himself to buy another successful business. The Windquest Group, which Dick DeVos owns, has filed papers with the state to acquire its first beer and wine license. While no one is saying for sure, it would appear that Windquest will soon own Coppercraft Distillery in Holland, Michigan. 

    If these rumors are true, then it is great news for Holland as Dick DeVos has proved many times that he supports the communities where he has an interest. For example, he has started charter schools and donated to public libraries in communities where he owns businesses. He also has donated art to communities which should increase interest in Holland’s Tulip Festival. 

    Coppercraft Distillery is already one of the most respected distilleries in Michigan. Opened in 2013 by Walter Catton III, the distillery specializes in aged spirits but hopes to expand into craft beers and spirits shortly. In addition to offering a 50 seat tasting room, the distillery offers its products at more than 100 locations in Michigan, Illinois and Colorado. 

    The distillery currently hires eight full and part time. They hope to expand the tasting room in the future which will require hiring more staff. The distillery also hopes to expand its offerings by selling appetizers paired with customer’s favorite drinks. Additionally, they hope to expand their distribution network which could result in the need for more added staff. 

    Windquest Group owns a variety of businesses in the clean energy, innovation, non-profit and alternative realms. The company produces the popular ArtPrize providing over three miles of art to downtown Grand Rapids in late September and early October each year. Windquest also owns the popular Boxed Water that provides boxed water to many clients, as opposed to the environmentally unfriendly bottled water.

    If you would like to learn more about the life and work of Dick DeVos, connect with him on LinkedIn or take a look at his Facebook page.

  • 28Jan

    Savory… Delectable… Dog Food… Now don’t freak out, but these things actually have found a way to go together! In his Daily Herald article (linked below), Craig Giammoma walks us through the rising premium dog food revolution. Startup companies like Blue Buffalo and Freshpet have entered the market with healthy pet food, and companies like Cesar offer gourmet options akin to human foods like lasagna and steak. While some may see these offers as extreme, premium dog food markets have taken the industry by storm; raking on wikipedia in $10.5 billion dollars since 2009! With these new options encroaching into local Targets, Walmarts, and Whole Food Centers, it should be no surprise that startups aren’t the only ones appealing to the market. People have long been familiar with the popular pet food brand Purina as an industry standard in healthy, well balanced dog food. With a huge selection of dry food, wet food, and treats to energize your feisty, furry friend for years to come, Purina has been trusted with providing high quality nourishment for dogs everywhere. And in turn they’ve released their own line for your pristine pet pantry; Beneful. Real beef, turkey, chicken and salmon are at the core of Beneful’s gourmet recipes, providing the nutrients your canine friend needs. While the it’s a great addition to the healthy dog food marketplace, it also has the added benefit of years of specialists’ care being put into the best products available. While some brands insist that dogs demand a strictly meat diet, the folks over at Purina know that this simply isn’t true and have designed an optimized diet to match. Because of this, Beneful is able to deliver high quality feed that’s truly right for your dog! when it comes to these high quality pet foods, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the sea of options. We all want what’s best for our furry friends, and With so many new and exciting brands out there, it’s important to remember the long-trusted names we know of. Sometimes, they may know just what your pet need for a “healthful, plentiful” life! (http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/)

  • 19Jan

    Stock markets have been anything but stable for the first week of 2016. The Dow has lost over 1000 points from its recent highs. Billionaire investor George Soros is predicting on Bloomberg a 2008 Déjà vu. The only difference is that it is China’s economic decline that is causing this one. China’s stock market was screaming to new highs as recent as June of last year. Suddenly, there was talk of an economic slowdown.

    He points out that China’s economic growth had been taking place at double digit levels. In 2014 their growth rate fell to only 7.5 percent. Though that is still positive, many were riding high on the gravy train of a booming marketplace. The announcement of a slowdown hit global markets severely. In a state of panic, the Chinese government rapidly starting devaluing the yuan. (Chines currency). Soros claims that this devaluation is putting China’s problems they are experiencing into the rest of the world.

    Chinese Housing Market

    Soros comments bring back the fear that hit the U.S. markets in 2008, when it was realized that that the banking industry had been too lenient with giving mortgages, to people who could not really afford to pay them. At the time, most people thought that housing prices would never drop. They were wrong and it created a major panic. This appears to be happening now in China.

    China is facing a housing market bubble, similar to the one in the U.S. in 2008. It has been reported that there are “ghost cities” in China, where investors have built huge skyscraper apartment buildings, that to this day, stand empty.

    How China Effects the World

    Many countries buy and sell products to China. Those who sell products to China, are being hit by a downturn in demand for goods and services. In this respect, China is effecting the whole world. As economic growth cools in China, it eventually drifts to other countries who do business with them.

    Recent indicators that measure fear in the equity markets, like the Chicago Board of Options (CBOE) VIX index, recently as high as 27 (a high reading) show that many people are fearful and are exiting the markets. With many countries looking at lowering their interest rates in an effort to stem the blood bath, the U.S. Fed has now started the process of raising rates. Will this lead to another recession in the U.S.?
    George Soros comments only push the numbers farther and faster. His recent comments in Sri Lanka, are confirmation of most investors’ fears. China is not in negative growth yet. Many wonder how hard the U.S. equities markets will be hit when they are.




  • 18Jan

    Since 2010, the trend of unlimited data cell phone plans has been dying out. Following AT&T, Verizon soon eliminated its plan as well. Since two of the largest carriers in the nation dropped the plan, it has steadily lost traction. Other carries (such as T-Mobile and Sprint) may offer this package for new customers, but the quality of video and speed (not to mention the steep prices) do not make for a compelling case when deciding if this is the best option to purchase.

    However, AT&T has recently acquired DirecTV. This new development has led to a reintroduction of its unlimited data plan, with provisions, of course. Signing up to DirecTV or U-verse, the home cable service offered by AT&T, allows a customer the option of purchasing an unlimited data plan. The move has been popular for families who want cable as we’ll as to share data among their family members. Given the popularity of streaming videos these days and the convenience of DirecTV, the return to this old structure is unsurprising. However, for an individual looking for the best plan, having to sign up for one of these cable services is not always the best bet. So while the unlimited data plans may be back in favor, AT&T’s offer may not be right for everyone.

    Founded in 2011 and based in California, FreedomPop is an alternative to AT&T that offers unlimited data with its cell phone plans, and no need to sign up for a cable service as well. Thus far, FreedomPop has raised $59 million dollars to fund its services through Clearwire and Sprint. It also sells devices (phones, tablets, etc.) that are compatible with its mobile services, making the transition to their plan that much easier.

    FreedomPop has received praise from consumers who are tired of paying for unwanted data plans. It includes 3G and 4G data and works on both iOS and Android smartphones. In addition, to combat the constant, futile search for Wi-Fi around the country, for $5 FreedomPop offers connection to over 10 million hotspots on its nationwide plan. While not yet selling its own devices outside the U.S., FreedomPop is expanding into the UK, making it an international presence and powerhouse. FreedomPop is truly ushering in the next wave of unlimited data plans.

  • 13Jan

    Many do not know what they can expect if they switch from one phone company to another, so the article on Lifehacker.com is very helpful. The article proves that switching phone companies is easier than ever, and it’s even possible for those making the switch to get free service, free phones, a change of phone number, or it’s possible to keep the same number. Many phone companies are willing to do what’s necessary to get customers to make the switch, and it may be more beneficial to switch to another carrier that has lower prices and more data like FreedomPop.

    Many cell phone plans want to try and limit the amount of data that a person has on their cell phone, especially since they know that people use data regularly. If a person is limited to the amount of data that the cell phone company chooses, then they can be charged extra fees when they go over their data limits. Although this may not seem fair to those who have to pay the fees, it makes a lot of extra money for the companies that supply data to their cell phone users.

    There is also a problem with those who have to pay extra fees for data each month because it’s data that helps to run a GPS, and it allows a person to download applications, and it allows a person to access the Internet on their cell phone. Without data, a person wouldn’t be able to use their smartphone the way it was meant to be used, and there will be no Internet access. Although a person who can control their Internet usage can still join a company that has limited data on a smartphone, it’s best to join FreedomPop and get unlimited data on the cell phone.

    FreedomPop’s unlimited cell phone plan includes data that doesn’t end, no matter how much data a person uses on their phone. There’s no longer a need to worry about running the GPS for hours at a time, just because data is limited on the cell phone. The person can also search the Internet while they are running GPS, and they won’t have to worry about losing their way while using the GPS. FreedomPop also allows a person to have constant talk time as well as text messages without any limits. The cost for all these luxuries with FreedomPop is only $20 a month, which is lower in cost than any other service provider out there.

  • 29Dec

    Fresh Pet Inc made the news this week when their CEO, Richard Thompson picked up a can of their product to show the freshness. Things got a little crazy when the chief of manufacturing, Michael Hieger popped one of the cans of food into his mouth. He exclaimed that it tasted as good as thanksgiving dinner. While the debate about dog food and health conscious pet foods continues, some feel their products are so good humans cannot tell he difference. We live in a very different time when people are so conscious about what they feed their animals. Gone are the days when fillers and byproducts were all that was in a bag of dog food. Today’s animal lover wants nutrition and whole grains to ensure their pets health. Since the pet food industry is a $23.7 billion dollar per year business, it pays to do it right. One company that seems to have mastered giving the dogs what they want and their pet parents the same is Purina’s Beneful. Though they weren’t mentioned in the article by The Daily Herald, they should be acknowledged for the great food they create for dogs. Beneful is owned by the Nestle Company and run under the Purina label. Purina has been making food since 1894. It started out with the name of Purina Mills, then later was bought out and became the Purina Ralston Company. In 2001, it changed hands again and merged with Nestle moving their headquarters to St. Louis, Missouri. Beneful is their natural food line that was created in 2001 during the merger. It was an attempt to bring some of the good quality that Nestle is known for into their pet food line. The result was successful, as Beneful makes treats, hard dog foods and home-style meals for pets. They are known for putting great nutrition into each item they create. The company has gone public with their campaigns to improve the health of dogs around the world. One bag at a time, Purina’s Beneful line continues to roll out delicious foods that dogs love and parents approve.

  • 18Dec

    Many people may think that finding a new app for their device is hard and something that takes a lot of effort. This is something that can be done easily through the list of top apps and something that can be done through the use of different means. If you are looking for a great new app, there are a few options that you can choose from to suit your needs no matter what your needs are. Choosing these apps is a great way to entertain yourself as well as find new friends who will help you with the needs that you have.

    The Amazon Video app is one that is designed for people who love to watch movies, shows and videos. It is an app that was created with the users in mind and is able to provide most people with nearly everything they need when they want to find a fun video to watch. The categories as well as the browse option will allow you to find exactly what to watch, even if you don’t know what you are looking for when you are using the app. The suggestions are also helpful for indecisive movie watchers of the area.

    If you are more about making videos than watching them, the GoPro app is a great option for you to be able to upload your GoPro videos. It can be fun for you to make the videos, but if you can’t share your clips with people, it is somewhat pointless. With this app, you can simply connect to your camera and upload your clips. It is easy to do and will not take much time for you to be able to find the videos that you want to share and which ones are best for you and your friends.

    Finding friends can be hard, but Skout makes it easy. You can search the app for people who are also looking for friends and for people who have the same interests as you. You can even search specifically by area to find people who are close to you and want to find friends, as well. There are many different options that you can choose from when you are using Skout that will allow you to find the next best friend in your life. Using this app is easy and will allow you to do many different things, including finding a date.

    When it was originally created in 2008, Skout was intended to be a dating app. It was supposed to be for people to find others who had similar interests and could be used easily for these people to figure out what they were looking for. If you used the app, you could not only find people in your area, but also find people who had the same interests as you. This is one of the ways that the app evolved beyond dating and is now able to be used by nearly everyone who is looking for a great new friend.

  • 18Dec

    Coriant has recently announced that they have hired Shaygan Kheradpir as an executive for their business. Mr. Kheradpir has worked for many technologically-based companies such as Verizon Communications and Juniper Networks, including Barclays, a large international banking company that he helped develop Pingit for, a mobile application that allows people to pay money easily and hassle-free.

    Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir’s last job was working at Marlin Equity Partners as an operating partner. Marlin Equity Partners is the sole financier of Coriant. Kheradpir already had lots of experience with now Coriant operated because of his position at Marlin Equity Partners as well as his experience at relevant workplaces. Kheradpir had worked at Juniper Networks before Marlin Equity Partners, before that, he worked for Barclays. The Pingit app he helped developed referenced above secured Barclays’ spot as a significant international financial institution.

    Fierce Telecom originally published an article in September 2015 that details everything talked about here and more and can be found at the following link http://www.fiercetelecom.com/press-releases/veteran-executive-shaygan-kheradpir-brings-deep-industry-experience-and-exp.

    Coriant has set records such as holding the record for capacity of transmission through a hollow core fiber at 57.6 terabytes per second. Coriant also holds more than eighteen hundred patents that are related to technology. An important part of technological development is that nobody really knows what is next, so holding patents to systems, devices, or procedures that might turn out to be crucial is a great way to earn money and set standards for Coriant.

    Shaygan Kheradpir got his start by earning a degree from Cornell University. Not only did Mr. Kheradpir earn a bachelor’s in electrical engineering, but he went on to obtain his master’s and doctorate degrees in electrical engineering as well. Mr. Kheradpir was drawn from his home country of Iran to go to college in the United States because the best universities are in the United States.

    Coriant is expected to be a leader in the technological world in the next few years, just as they are now. Coriant is also expected to purchase the rights to a few more networking solutions providers in the future to help expand their outreach and services they can provide.